Hello and welcome to The Life & Times of the Blue Jean Diva (or L&T with Kiki Bee).  You may be wondering just who is Kiki Bee? And what exactly is a Blue Jean Diva?

Well, for those of you unfamiliar with my story, I’ll just say I spent a great deal of my life afraid – afraid to follow my intuition, my Higher Self, my true purpose.

However, with the help of some wonderful friends and loving family members, I learned that you can’t always be who others want you be, or do that which they expect you to do.  There’s only one judge in life and so you long as you make Him happy – you’ll never be without joy.

So, I started living my life on my terms.  In fact, a most memorable moment (that I didn’t truly appreciate until years later), occurred during my freshman year of college.  All the students in the Spelman-Morehouse freshman class were invited to attend a semi-formal. I’d never been to a semi-formal, I didn’t own appropriate attire,  and there was no one from whom I could borrow any clothes.  So….I improvised.

I went to the semi-formal with my sequined top, my blue jeans and my pumps. I accessorized with a demi-shawl and strutted in like Lady Di.  That night I earned the title of Blue Jean Diva.  My outfit may have been out of place, but I wasn’t.  Though I had initially felt bad for not having the clothes other kids had, the opportunities they’d been privy to and the experiences they’d been blessed with, I never let any of that show. Years later I came to realize that what I’d done that night was quite intuitive and insightful for a young woman of 17.

I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and forced myself to do something I’d never done.  That experience would later come to influence my understanding of how we acquire new things in life: If we want something we have never had, we must be willing to do something we have never done.

My desire in life is to share my aha-moments with the world.  I enjoy highlighting the blessings that come from my experiences – even my pitfalls and shortcomings.  In the coming days, weeks, months – and perhaps even years – you will come to find that I am an author, a poet, a teacher, an orator, a dancer, a singer, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a conservative, a liberal, a radical, a pacifist, a shock jock, non-partisan, spiritual, eclectic, an empress and a diva. In short – expect the unexpected.

Live life. Take chances.
Yours in harmony,
Kiki Bee
aka Chikita “The Corporate Assassin”