Getting ahead is nothing without giving back.  I am learning all about social enterprise, enlightened entrepreneurship and being a “go-giver.”  We’re on the verge of stratospheric success.

The more I do the more I realize I still have to learn.  I’m seeking out mentors – my femme fatales especially – who can lead me down the roads less traveled…ironically, because they’ve paved the way.

The best part is, the more I learn the more I have to share – the more lives I can influence and change.  This has been an amazing journey and I am looking forward to all that comes next.

All the foundations have been laid and the framework goes up this week.  We have our first-ever lifestyle design/manifestation circle in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.  We have about 20 people committed to working with the group.  The law of leverages is in full effect here and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

This is an every day thing ladies and gentlemen.  Stay tuned….