The teacher will surface when the student is ready.  And the student is ready to teach when they surpass the teacher.  Looking at it like this, the student who’s ready to teach is about to become someone’s teacher because some student is always ready….I learned that roundabout lesson tonight in a very direct way.

I called a meeting of the minds and only two people showed up (out of 15). I wanted to be frustrated, but one of the attendees (Ms. Honey Washington) was quick to remind me that there was nothing to be upset about or ashamed of…I’d done something. Point blank: I had said I was going to do something and I had done it. That was more than many folks could say.

I had been asked by several of the people in my concentric circles if I knew people who might be interested in supporting their various projects.  I figured rather than run around town trying to spark little mini-meetings, I would instead gather everyone in one place and get them “talk[ing] amongst [them]selves.” Needless to say by the end of the night, I was “a little veklempt” – but not for the reasons one might think.

As the universe is prone to do, doors were opened for the four of us in attendance – me, Hubby, Ms. Honey, and Phlotek – to communicate and collaborate in ways that might not have lent themselves to a larger crowd.  The conversations were inspiring, insightful, and fruitful.

We discussed everything from passive income to aggressive marketing.  I think we may have even solved the world’s food and water shortages…OK, maybe we didn’t do all that…but the 12-month millionaire manifesto is underway.  We have devised an action plan to streamline monetary, spiritual, and emotional wealth into our lives and then filter it back out to enrich the lives of others.

I’ve got my idea, my design, and my team.  But is it enough to get me on my way to being a Million Dollar Baby? I’d like to think so!

Stay tuned…  If today was any indication then we’re on our way…which reminds me – Hurricane Earl has nothing on the “Core Four!”