Hello there,

Sorry to have left you all for so long.  Turns out I don’t do so well with the traveling, tweeting, texting and such.  I’ve grown so accustomed to doing the virtual update thing on my laptop that when I’m running around and don’t have access to it, there are no updates.

At least I can say I’ve lived the life I’ve talked about….walking the walk.  There’s a lot happening on this end of the screen.  Traveling, negotiating and hopefully closing some deals soon.  I have several new projects in the works in addition to the old.  And let’s just say if all goes well, I will be leaving the country (my very first time) within the month.

And naturally, none of this is possible without some form of payment.  I believe strongly that what we give is what we get.  It doesn’t always have to be financially  – you can tithe your time, talent, energy, ideas, and finances to a cause of your choice.  (My recommendation for expedient returns: all the above).

Of course, it isn’t enough to give just so you can get something back.  The other day I helped a woman carry her suitcase down the steps just because I saw her struggling.  Not long after I received several free goodies from a restaurant that I usually wouldn’t go to because of the price. It can be 2 seconds, 2 minutes or 2 decades but whatever you sow will come back to you.  So why not make it something worthwhile?   That’s what I plan to do.

Follow me on this journey to make a million.  Every day I’m closer than the last.  😉