Hello there and Happy Thanksgiving!  It is a wonderful, beautiful day!  Looking forward to what all comes in my direction today.

As is my way around the holidays, I get to reflecting on my past and pondering my future. Of course, that means there is a book involved.  My latest reading expedition has led me to The Millionaire Next Door. It’s a wonderful read about the traits and characteristics of American millionaires.

Ironically, millionaires are not the flashy, thrifty spenders they are portrayed to be in the media. Technically, that makes sense – if they spent all the money they made, they wouldn’t be typical American millionaires…they would just be typical Americans!  Instead, the TAM has a good offense (high earning income) and defense (exceptional savings and budgeting skills). TAMs have a public school education, is first-generation American, first-generation wealthy, and adheres to traditional values.

It got me to thinking…why am I not a millionaire? I espouse most of those characteristics. I’m a first-generation American, I have a public school education, I’m fairly traditional.  Is it enough, though? Maybe not.

I mean I’m pretty traditional, too – I just have an edge of contemporary liberalism. I sit here watching the annual airing of March of the Wooden Soldiers as I blog from my Crackberry Bold.

I believe women should work if they so choose, should earn equal wage for equal work, and are more than capable of running multimillion dollar corporations. (It’s my goal). Yet, I am equally pressed about running that company from home so I can be with my children and manage my household. I’m thrilled when my husband makes more than me (remember, I plan to be a millionaire) and I love the idea of him being the head of house.

So, why is it that I’m not a millionaire? Do my contemporary couplings outweigh my traditionalist values? I know my defense is tight, but my offense could use some strengthening (at least to ascertain millionaire status). Regardless, I’m thankful for where I am because it helps me clear the way to where I’m going.

NEXT STEP: Tighten up the offense.

Stay tuned….



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