Ah – Hello there again,
It’s the day after Thanksgiving, which for me means that the Christmas festivities have begun.

I begin thinking about all the things I want to do before the year is over; all the people I want to bless and all the things I want to change for the better.

In the standard tradition, my mother and I broke the wishbone – and as I have for the last decade or so – I won (getting the bigger part).

I wished for the harmonious acquisition of wealth, for celebrations that don’t indulge in the abuse and cruelty of humans and animals (including
breaking wishbones…I know).

I wished for a life of abundance and balance. I wished that this time next year, I could bless those less fortunate than myself with more than my time and energy. Instead, I would be able to buy coats for the cold, food for the hungry, and provide shelter for the homeless and transient.

As an avid proponent of deliberate intention, the law of attraction, universal law and the Word of God I know that wanting and wishing is never enough. “Faith without works is dead.”

Do I have what it takes – in mind, body and spirit – to make all my wishes come true? I’d like to think so.

Stay tuned….

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