Hey there all,
Not much to say today but “wow!”

OK – there’s plenty more to say, but where to begin? My mind has been on limitations lately. Well, more so on breaking boundaries and overcoming obstacles – but I am a firm believer in understanding your enemy if you are to defeat it.

In my lifetime, I have seen many people incarcerated. I have seen people related to physical chains, bounds and barriers. I’ve also seen people bound by the confines of their own minds.

I have witnessed the perils associated with people’s inability to think beyond the circumstances of the present. I have seen what happens when people believe they have it worse than anyone else or that “this” is as good as it gets.

I have bourne witness to this and so much more. And it made me think deeply on my present journey.

As I move forward toward the path to enlightened wealth and harmonious abundance, there are many nay-sayers; those who would dispel my prospects as mere fantasy because they have never seen anything like it.

There are those who believe that my dreams should be confined to the recesses of my mind and reserved for sleep-time. There are others who consider me a fluke, a flake and a fraud because they cannot see beyond their self-imposed binds.

But if innovative minds listened to such hindering proclamations we wouldn’t have airplanes, televisions, cruise ships, automobiles or post-it notes. If we stopped pushing limits and stayed content with the status quo we would still have slavery, apartheid, and no women’s suffrage (rights to vote).

If people didn’t attempt the unthinkable we would not have smart phones, iPads, digital cameras, wireless printers and Facebook.

In short, we have to get past what is and look to what could be. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate what is; that doesn’t mean we should take what we have for granted. It means that we must not become complacent and consider that things can never be greater. We must not limits our options, predetermine outcomes or give up when we encounter things we never have before.

If we want things we have never had, we must be willing to do things we have never done.

What do you hope to change? What need can you meet? What do you want? What are you willing to do?

As for me – just stay tuned.

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