Hey again,
Another exciting day on the home front. Feeling blessed and highly favored. The universal law is in full effect on my end of the screen. Let me tell you, when things look their bleakest – when you find yourself on your back, on your face or on your knees, know this:
You are in the perfect position to pray.

Prayer is different for everyone, but the elemental principle is the same. Prayer is your time to speak with a Higher Source.

More often than not, we want to pray on our terms – on our feet. But there is more to prayer than just hearing yourself talk. Like any dialogue, it works best when it’s a symbiotic sharing – going both ways.

Let me say it in plain English: you’re not the only One talking. If prayer is you talking, then mediation is you listening!

Imagine asking someone for directions to their house so you can attend their birthday party. Your goal is to get to the end point so you can have a good time and enjoy yourself. You know your friend throws some memorable events. You do not want to be the one who missed this.

In fact, you are so excited – so eager to get there – that you hang up the phone before your friend can give you directions.

Your friend knows where you want to go, they have been there already and can tell you the simplest, fastest route to the rendezvous.

Call this friend God, Intuition, your Higher Self, Source or Spirit and the outcome is the same – if you hang up too early you’ll get lost!

What does this have to do with making a $million, you ask. Everything!

I tell you all this as I am hustling and grinding, trying to make a way. I KNOW my listening skills need some fine tuning, but I listen more than most.

I always have enough and I know if I listened I would have MORE THAN ENOUGH. Through all life’s ups and downs, I have always come out on top; probably because I have always followed the practice of prayer and meditation.

I often find myself at just the right place, at just the right time. I always manage to befriend the person I need in my life to challenge me, stimulate my growth and help me reach the next level. I always manage to let go at just the right time and hold on just long enough for my breakthrough.

I’m not telling you this because it sounds good, I say it because I know it to be true. I say it because it has looked good when I’ve seen it in my life. It has felt good when it happened to me. It has taken me to higher heights when I have found myself in the swallows of life.

I tell you this because I know there is more than enough for everyone and when we stop trying to hide and hoard information, resources…wealth…we will all find ourselves living more abundant, balanced, fulfilled lives.

I say this because I hope others will stop talking long enough to hear something good – something that will send them on their own journeys and change their lives for the better.

I know this is my path. I’m grateful for it – for all I have learned and am learning, and for all that I have to share.

I will be sure to keep listening to find the most harmonious, tranquil, love-filled directions to reach my rendezvous.

Stay tuned….

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