Hello. Hello. Hello!

I’m excited. The Universal Law is doing its thing again. When you make plans to go right, life goes left and before you know it you’re exactly where you wanted to be.

That’s right – exactly where you wanted to be.

About a year ago, I wrote a note to my loved ones thanking them for always being there along my detours.

My father made a fabulous point (he’s not known for those, btw-lol) and I just had to share it with the people I loved most.

Recent events have found me re-examining that point and so I decided to share it with you all.

At the time, I found myself at one of life’s many roadblocks. My dad asked me what I was going to do. Was I going to sit at the roadblock yelling and screaming at the workers, pleading to get through? Or was I going to pay attention to the big orange detour sign in my face?

See going the way we planned is nice, but if the road is all pulled up and we still choose to travel over it our cars (spirits) are bound to sustain some damage. Our tires (values and beliefs – foundations) are likely to wear down and our paint (bodies) will be chipped and never mind the critical condition of your undercarriage (all the stuff you don’t even know exists let alone is being affected).

Consider that the detour might take you a little out the way, but when you get there your car will be intact. Who knows, the scenic route might be just what the doctor ordered. The things you’ll see and learn can contribute your growth and overall Zen.

So why was I pondering this old point?

I had a plan – a plan for what I thought I should be doing and where I should be. I got a little upset when I went right and life went left.

The thing about life – it’s like a rubberband. When it pulls away from you, you might get away from where it’s headed, but eventually it’ll snap back and hit you in the face.

The beautiful thing is, after you get over the initial sting, you’ll find out that everything you wanted is right there before your watery eyes.

There I was with this plan and life bucked on me and went left. Knowing how these things are wont to happen, I decided it was best to follow along.

Several things I’d been racking my brains trying to understand – problems I’d tried to solve – the answers seemed to just appear, were just magically there in my face.

And I know I’m not the only one. It’s often when we take a step back and quit fighting – when we stop trying to steer life where we think it should go and instead allow it to take its own natural course do we end up exactly where we wanted – usually without any major dings, dents or fender benders.

Where is life trying to take you? Imagine what might happen if you went along for the ride.

Stay tuned….

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