OK – it is the beginning of a new month. The last month in the year 2010 to be exact.

Naturally this is a time for reflection and projection. We want to be sure to clear out old cobwebs and attempt new habits before the New Year. There’s nothing worse than having to make the same resolution you’ve made for the last ten years…oh, was that just me?

Anywho, I guess my hubby decided to try this on for size because he CLEARLY blew my mind with this. I simply had to tell it. If finding the answer to this doesn’t make me a millionaire, nothing will.

My husband and I talk about very minuscule things in very prolific ways. We can make gravy sound like quantum physics. So naturally when we were having a rather profound conversation, I half-thought that we would “dumb it down.” That’s what I get for thinking.

We were strolling through a rather upscale neighborhood looking at houses for rent – a secret I’ll delve into more at a later date. I figured, this is as good a time as any to pop the question.

“Hey babe, why do you think I’m not a millionaire?”

Hubby told me this, “There are a lot of things I know you are not willing to do. Sometimes I wonder if the things you don’t want to do are the very things you need to do to become a millionaire.”

WOW! Great point, Hubs.

But which things might they be? Is it returning to work that I don’t want to do – or is it the kind of job I would need to secure to make the kind of income I have in mind to tighten up my offense?

Is it working for someone else that I don’t want to do – or is it the idea of working for someone whom I know only outranks me because of age, gender, class or race?

Is it that I don’t want to work with people – or is it that I have this irksome habit (as counselors often do) of attracting broken people who hold a mentality of scarcity and lack and often need “fixing” or healing or something before symbiosis can occur?

What is it that I don’t want to do – it really is a genuine question – because at this point I am willing to venture well outside my comfort zone, my normal parameters of operation – which for me, ironically, means operating within everyone else’s parametal norms (yep just made up a word there, probably not the best demonstration of my willingness to be normal. I’m still working out the kinks).

All in all, I’m grateful for that walk and that I have someone as wonderful as my best friend (and hubby) to bring these kinds of things to my attention. Now about that offense.

Stay tuned….

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