To pull one from Pepe Lepew’s girlfriend’s book *le sigh*

Why *le sigh* you ask? Well, *le sigh* can go both ways. It can be a sigh of relief or a sign of exasperation, in this case – it goes both ways.

On the one hand, we sigh in exasperation because “it’s that time again” – time relive some past experience, to go through something we’ve already been through in an effort to test our knowledge, refresh our skills, or give new insight on an old perspective.

It’s “that time again” when you’ve already been there and done that, but you didn’t get the t-shirt so now you’re having to trot back to the souvenir shop for a small trinket to commemorate your trip.

The other *le sigh*, the one of relief comes when you’ve not only gotten the t-shirt, but you’ve set up a tour bus! At that point, it’s no longer about the lesson, but the refresher courses – the new perspectives you gain when you venture back down this path.

You see, this is where my *le sigh* begins.

As I mentioned the other day, my hubby made a wonderful point that completely blew my mind. I asked him why he thought I was not yet a millionaire to which his response was, “I know there are some things you are not willing to do. I wonder if the things you don’t want to do are the things you need to do to become a millionaire.”

Touche Hubby, touche.

But it got me to thinking. What are these things I’m not willing to do? What am I so unwilling to experience that it would hinder my process? Ironically, I have discovered that my absolute disdain for going hungry, going broke, living in scarcity and within limitation are my Achilles’ heels.

I got the t-shirt. In fact, I set up a t-shirt stand and opened a tour guide company on being broke!

I know what it is to “borrow” your neighbor’s electricity to clean your house. I know what it is to paint your apartment walls, or patch up holes you didn’t make because you need your security deposit back. And I know what it is to hop a turnstile to get to class on time because you can’t afford the train fare.

Been there, done that, running the tour bus company. And yet, going back to that place, making peace with it – perhaps even revisiting it for a spell – may be the only ways I can venture out of this hole and take the next steps to financial freedom.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying I’m giving it all away and living in poverty, but rather that a constructed state of scarcity and limitation for the sake of saving and acquiring is far better than an actual state of poverty due to hyperconsumption driven by fear.

Hey – I think I may have just found the newest member of my offensive line (offense = increasing income)! Hubby and I have to go have another talk about quantum physics (wink).

Stay tuned….

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