Hey there,

Wow, so much to share!  If I could sum it up, I would say – clarity is key my friends.  I am learning so much as I step back and reflect.

For those of you who have been following me, I have been trying to understand the “millionaire mentality.” My goal is to earn my first million before the close of 2011.  I’ve learned a lot about the millionaire mentality, millionaire behaviors and ideals.  I am also learning that all of this means nothing if I do not take the time to reflect on how to internalize these attributes, modify them, make them my own and create success on my terms.

It has been an astounding journey for me as I look back over this past year.  I’ve been in negotiations with millionaires, apprenticed with some and had access to an exclusive club that I never thought I would see.

In looking at these individuals, their life choices and their successes, I have wondered what makes me so different from many of them? Well, if there is anything I have learned in this process it is that the worth of your answer depends strongly on the weight of your question.  I was asking the wrong question. The question was not “What’s the difference between us?” Nor was it “What do we have in common?”

The appropriate question was “What am I willing to do to become a millionaire?  Am I willing to do what I have never done before?  Am I willing to return to a place I’ve already been – literally and figuratively?”

When I asked this meta-question it began to come together.  When you ask, “What am I willing to do,” you’re really exposing your “guff” – the stuff you’re made of.  You’re asking will it be this or that? Do I have what it takes?  Could I do what needed doing?  Can I cut it?

The funny thing is when you ask these questions, you start to come up with answers that might be less than truthful.  You may say things like – Hmm, maybe I’m not qualified..too young…too old…too broke.  I know I did.

But it occurred to me, my desire is to live in this world not of it. Thoughts like these will not only discourage willingness, but they are based in other people’s perceptions and beliefs.  These are the things we think when we feel the need to meet other people’s standards and fulfill their expectations.

I had been thinking about all the ways I could possibly break into a new stratosphere of monetary wealth. Is my network sufficient?  Do I have enough experience?  Do I know the right people? Should I go back to school? Do I return to work for someone else? Is there something else I could be doing with my own company?  What will be the next point in my trajectory?

Remember, clarity is key.   After careful reflection, I realized I was asking the wrong question. The right question isn’t where am I going or how will I get there, but rather – why am I going?

Understanding my “why” – my purpose – negates the what, when and how.  Understanding “why” gives me the courage and insight to operate outside normal parameters.  Understanding why allows me to differentiate between this, that and the other thing.   Understanding my why allows me to pull from something outside consciousness – to make decisions based in more than logic and to consider options that seem crazy.

So why, why am I doing this?  For me, my children, my family – to make the world a better place to live in.

Why do I do this? Stay tuned….