Hey again,
Just making up for lost time – so to speak. I missed my daily blog yesterday. Having too much fun working (wink).

As per my theme this week, I was thinking about how to achieve balance in my life, to clarify my goals and objectives so I might be able to see a little further down this million-dollar path.

The first thing that occurred to me was my schedule.

How we choose to spend our time is a direct reflection of how we value it. When we value ourselves, our time is deemed precious, too. We find that we are no longer willing to operte without effectiveness and efficiency.

When profess that our time as precious, others have no choice but concede. Otherwise, they suffer the consequence – not having the privilege of spending time with us.

This is how I had to begin thinking of my time. Why? Because my goal is to run a multimillion-dollar enterprise someday. My desire is to have enough wealth and influence to make others wealthy. I want to be a major contributor to the betterment of the world. I want to be a philanthropist, a social entrepreneur and an activist.

All of it begins with me feeling worthy enough to guard against the waste of my time – even from myself.

What are the benefits of such a change? A willingness to do what I have never done. A willingness to revisit my past in an effort to unearth yet another jewel of life.

Understanding the precious value of my time allows me embrace the unknown, the new lessons and the refresher courses because I know each moment – forward and even backward – gets me that much closer to where I’m trying to go. Better still, I might be headed toward everything I never knew I wanted!

I recognize that time is always in motion, ever-present, but ever-mobile. In understanding this and valuing the strength and fragility of it, I can achieve balance.

Balance and Zen are key in my life because I cannot save anyone, cannot help a single soul until I look within and help myself.

I call this process Operation Zen. Zen is my mission in all things: creating it in my life and encouraging it in the lives of others.

The next step? Let’s just say my femme fatales aka Project Phoenix has just been activated.

Stay tuned….

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