Hey again,
Hope everyone had a wonderfully restful weekend. I spent mine resting and working.
It occurred to me recently that when you’re a writer and when you work for yourself, you are always working. Not in the sense that you are running yourself ragged, but that all life’s experiences are teaching you, shaping you, informing you and inspiring you.

Well, that’s what it’s like for me anyway. Whether I’m reading, writing, traveling, conversing or just people watching while sipping some tea I’m still working – still processing, still growing.

So as I alternated between laying around doing nothing and rushing off to different meetings this weekend, I was working. And of course, I came to a new conclusion.

For instance, I have decided that my work life needs more balance, not structure so much mind you, but balance.

I’ve started with restructuring my daily schedule. I used to work all day and night when the mood suited me. I’d write novels, blog, research and write non-fiction, work on marketing development for my workshops, and then put together proposals for my clients.

Needless to say, I was all over the place. So I’ve decided to streamline my process. I’m writing non-fiction in the mornings and fiction in the afternoons at the beginning of the week. I develop my marketing materials mid-week and draft proposals for my clients all day Thursday.

I still blog when the mood suits me. But in pursuit of this new streamlined, balanced lifestyle I’ve decided to write within a theme each week.

This week’s theme is balance – unlocking the why behind my actions so I can make better choices, create harmony and sustain balance.

For instance, in understanding that my “organic” nature often leaves much undone and much to be desired, I can evaluate my “ecosystem” and adapt.

Adapting doesn’t mean I have to be any more or less natural. I don’t have to be any less me in the process. Instead, being more attuned with myself – my intuition – allows me to be just as organic, yet more productive.

I’m excited about what comes next. Stay tuned….