Oh my God! And I mean that in the most literal sense. My God, my God!

Life is truly amazing. Universal Law is astounding.

I had to be called out on “my stuff” today by the Almighty Universe. When we are down and out we ask for things – clarity, favor, deliverance. When things get on track we often forget to say thank you.

Now, while this was not the case for me I did forget one very important lesson – that what we ask for in the spirit has ramifications in the physical, and vice versa.

I asked for wealth and influence. I asked for the blessing of living a life of passion and purpose. I asked for all this in the spiritual and didn’t consider that the physical ramifications for getting to that point would be great.

With great power comes great responsibility (and with great responsibility comes considerable preparation).

Somehow I forgot that when I asked for this I would need to be prepared for it. To live the life of my desires – to have the desires of my heart – I would have to undergo a rigorous preparation. How well can you thrive on a limited income? Can you wield your influence that supersedes your position – especially when your position is considered “sub-standard”?

What can you do now, with what you have? Do you appreciate who you are today? Do you value what you have? Are you willing to deal with the physical ramifications, challenges and lessons that are certain to emerge from your spiritual requests?

Know this: When it looks its bleakest, you’re closest to your breakthrough. Don’t quit.

Your perseverance is revolutionary. Your determination is radical. Your success is a reflection of your activism, your willingness to incite change…the most important change of all, in fact – the change of Self.

My breakthrough is near. I send you all my best as you embark on your journey.

Stay tuned….

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