This has by far been one of my more productive days. It was filled with spiritual reflection, meditative inspiration and productivity.

Today, I have written, I have read, I have proposed and I have sealed the deal. But I didn’t do it alone.

If you have been following me for the last week, then you know that my primary focus as of late has been to achieve a new level of balance in my life. My method for achieving this madness is to build an adept support network (she says as she remembers she forgot to return SEVERAL phone calls).

I always knew the day would come when I would need a team – an elite force of the few, the proud, the team. These would be the people on whom I could call (and depend upon) to get the job done.

As I went through life, I recorded names, positions and ranks. Of course these were people whom I would trust to call on me if ever needed. We would be a tight unit of friendly mercenaries – our price, the occasional phone call, remembering birthdays and holidays, being there in the hard times and offering our genuine friendship.

In my mind, these people were typically women – my femme fatales. They were lean, mean schmoozing machines. We could gather intel with a mere flick of our hair or the always faithful, “I love your shoes!”

We could just as easily be found on the golf course, the batting cages, the b-ball court or rowing on the local river.

It was a beautiful vision. In fact, I was flattered to learn how many of the women in my FF rolodex viewed me in kind. There was just one minor difference…these women had hommes fatales, too!

Peppered into their elite squads of women, were men who could get it done. They could make “the call” and have “it” within the hour.

I don’t have many men on my squad to date. In fact, for the 12 of my femmes fatales there are only 2 men!

So my focus has shifted, only slightly. In communicating with these various women, I realized that most of my team is ready and accounted for. My goal is to find one male counterpart for each of my femmes fatale. Heck, if I can find even 1/3 the number of men ready, willing and able to be an homme fatale I’m in business!

You may think 24 is a bit more than “a few,” but we’re striving for world denomination here.

Oh well. So much for Team Chikita as it was in my mind. Time to consider some cool ninja team names!

Stay tuned….

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