Hey again,
I’m back. I guess that’s not so shocking since I haven’t really gone anywhere. I’m here (virtually) almost everyday.

I don’t have much of an update right now on my weekly theme. I’m still looking for my hommes fatales (are you my ninja?).

I did have a “seemingly” unrelated epiphany today, however, that made me realize that I might be going about this thing all wrong.

I was reflecting on the awkward flow of money in and out of my life. There’s always enough, but of course my goal is for there to be more than enough. (Am I the only one whose hands itch to signal when money is coming in or going out?)

Well, it occurred to me I was having conflicting thoughts about money. On the one hand, I want money so I can make major moves in the world, to give to others and exponentially expand my sphere of influence. I was feeling good thinking about all I can and will do when I have more money when I suddenly came crashing down.

I don’t need money to be a good person. I can do great things without wealth. Money isn’t everything.

Duh – yes it is. Not in the sense that money is the ultimate goal in my life, but it is one. By saying money would be nice, but isn’t necessary, I’m basically saying making money is not an important goal. I have that conversation with myself and store it in my subconscious, and do you know what…I believe it and I act on it! Not deliberately, but from my subconscious.

It occurred to me that this process affected my team, whom I chose and how I chose them. If my goal is to develop a squad that can help me attain millions, but in my subconscious I’m saying millions are not important, I’m indirectly saying it should not be important to my team either. Worse still, I might begin to think the team itself is not important.

I’ve decided that in looking for my hommes fatales, I have to clarify my ultimate goal: making a million.

It seems crass, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. Staying true to my first objective, remaining clear and attuned allows me to release the need to press for a particular outcome. Instead, I can adhere to my intuition and find the right souls to fill these vacancies.

This is about to get good. Stay tuned….

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