I like having a project; waking up each day attempting to accomplish something.

I enjoy the thrill of getting things done, and more importantly learning the lesson when I don’t.

This week, it’s been all about these hommes fatales (Seriously, I need cool ninja team names guys. Help me out. Hommes fatales will only cut it for last so long).

I’m looking for the right lady killers who can complement my elite squad of killer ladies.

And of course, I learned something. Whereas women love to have their relationships affirmed, men like to have their egos stroked. So this week, I’ve taken on the role of the man-maid. Men are the experts. I’m pulling back and letting them do all the talking (and I’m not correcting all the very special, very wrong things they’re saying either).

At first it was just a nice way to get into many of their good graces, but in hindsight it’s a superbly clever, mastermind-esque plan. By allowing these men to take charge and pull rank, I can see whose built for leadership.

Not everyone is cut out for the kind of work I do, and I don’t plan to count people in “just because.” You know what I’m talking about…just because he’s family, just because he’s cute, just because he knows someone I need to know, or just because he says he can.

This week, in an effort to lead more effectively I’m doing a host of following. FYI ladies – the view is nice from back here, too! Hey I’m married, not dead.

Looking forward to being up front again though. It’s the pendulum of life. I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me in the other direction.

Stay tuned….

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