Epiphanies are a beautiful thing, especially when you come to them as a result of dialogue with others.

(The best ones are the ones other people have and don’t know it until you say something that has you both looking into space in awe. That never gets old).

Once again, hubby is teaching me some powerful lessons. I said I wanted hommes fatales – a group of men who could complement all the powerful women (femmes fatales) in my life. I’ve been stroking egos and taking names, and so far so so.

I’ve noticed a trend though, and with hubby’s help I was able to name it.

The various men I’ve encountered during this last week, with their wonderful ideas and kind hearts seemed stifled in so many areas of their lives.

Some had good incomes and poor relationships. Others had great relationships, but next to no income.

Very few men had both (but they were the ones already on my team!) I couldn’t figure out why none of them could seem to get it together. My team is already pretty lethal, I didn’t need it dying from the inside though.

I was talking to my hubby about my dilemma, and as is his way, he was able to talk me through it and clue me in from the male perspective…They am Superman.

Many men (and women, but men are the focus) are being called out of their natural states to be something other than themselves. They are supermen, powerful beings that others find threatening and as a result they are being asked to wear their Clark Kent costumes.

The thing about Clark Kent is that he is Superman even in his costume. But imagine, somehow, something was strong enough to knock out Superman and cause amnesia. He’s in his Clark Kent costume. Each time his powers emerge, he seeks out help to suppress them. They throw him off guard and set him stumbling.
He can’t embrace his power and proclaim his true nature. Instead of saying, “I am Superman,” his dumbfoundedness has him babbling. “I are Superman?”

Yes, he is Superman. YOU are Superman.

All my previous criterion are null, now. If a man is going to be down on my squad he has to know his power and proclaim, “I am Superman!”

Oho-hoho, this is about to get goooood. Stay tuned….

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