Hey again,
It’s the beginning of the week and it’s time for a new theme/ focus.

So you might be wondering about the semantics of the title.

I’ll put it this way: putting in perspective is about putting in time. Gaining perspective is about proper positioning, but putting in perspective requires you to stay where you are and focus.

Unlike looking through the lens of a camera, putting in perspective isn’t about changing your view of the image by manipulating the lens through which you look. It is about changing your perception of yourself in relationship to the point of focus.

To return to the camera for a moment, let’s say you have found the right position and you have gotten the image into perfect focus, but when you snap the picture it’s not what you wanted.

Perhaps your focus is on the wrong part of the image, perhaps waiting just a few more seconds will give you the perfect lighting or just the right candid moment.

This past week I learned a lot about myself in relationship to others – it was all about relationship. I’ve gathered quite a bit of information, applied a few things and see the benefits of my labor.

I’ve started working smarter and stopped working quite so hard, I have a wonderful team of individuals who are helping shape my growth. I’ve also learned quite a bit about how to recruit, acquire and attain new talent.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotion and confirmation, a genuine blessing.

Now the next step is all about the application of my vision – unifying all these activities for a single purpose.

This week, it’s all about increasing my income, strengthening my offense and getting it done…going hard or going home.

Per my own time line, I have until March before I “have to” return to work. It isn’t that I must, but rather that I desire certain things and I would rather have access to those things in reality than live a life of constant potential and probability.

However, because I believe in universal law, the laws of stratospheric success and the process of “go-giving” I strongly believe I won’t need to worry about that.

So this week, I put the wheels in motion. I’ve taken the steps to build my team, now I’m fortifying my service – doing more in the community. I’m depending on my team for referrals, I’m looking to my clientele for insight, I’m drawing on the past to make the present shine, and pulling from the present to make my future bright.

This week is about how what I know is reflected in what I do.

Stay tuned….

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