I thought I had taken a week off from blogging and working to reflect and enjoy with family, but as always…everyday is a learning experience. Even my time away “doing nothing” was drawing me nearer to my goals – mainly because I took the time to read the signs.

You see, this is the time of year when magic happens – the holiday season. Time for being with family and friends. Time for spreading love and holiday cheer. This is the time of year when we make an extra effort to be nice to our family and love our fellow man. We care about people we have never met and may never meet again.

It’s also about this time – between Christmas and New Year – that we begin to reflect on the year past and the year to come. We make resolutions and promises. We investigate the core of our beliefs, challenge our principles and opt for a better life this time around.

Something else wonderful happens around this time of year. We tend to come closer to the things we want (and need). Things seem to come together at rapid speed as if all the angels watching over us have suddenly put in overtime. Why always at this time of year?

Well, think of it like this…this is a time when you are not only in touch with your wants, but you are also reaching out, giving back and feeling good.

We know that when we feel good, the energy we send out and the things we attract are equally good. So imagine knowing what you want, and feeling good – not only about it, but about everything else too. What you want is bound to find its way to you that much quicker.

In fact, I had a friend (let’s call him T), who experienced that recently. T wanted to move, but he didn’t know what he would do about a job or a place to stay. He just knew he couldn’t stay where he was.

T and his wife went out of town to visit some family and his wife, being funny, went into a pet shop without a hiring sign and asked how she could work there. Her reason: because she loved furry animals. She was interviewed on the spot!

Two days later, someone told him of an opening in his field right there in town…where they were visiting family. One of his cousins, Rod, said T and his wife could stay with he and his wife if they were seriously considering relocating.

Now, T and his wife had been deliberately spreading Christmas cheer. They were laughing and loving with friends and family – doing things to help others and ultimately making themselves feel good.

Of course, when he called me he was scared out of his mind. “Things are moving too fast.” From what he could see, things were working out too well. Something had to go wrong soon, right?

Here’s what I explained to him: There are three principles to consider when trying to get something you want.

1) Clarify the want. Know what you want without question. If you are confused, you will draw confusion to you.

2) There is no such thing as time or distance in the spiritual realm. When we are attracting things in the physical, it is the result of work done in the Spirit. Too fast, too soon, and too far don’t exist in that space.

3) When you’re afraid, don’t stop moving! Fear is usually a sign of something we SHOULD be doing – the question is how. Fear renders most of us immobile because we don’t understand how to evaluate our feelings and follow our fears in the right direction. Fear can be empowering or render you powerless.

In this case, T’s fear that it’s all happening too fast is because he believes he has to work harder for anything that comes his way. It’s still difficult for him to believe he can have what he wants without killing himself in the process. Guess what, sometimes, it really is that simple.

We’ve all been there, in these situations. The next time you find yourself there, consider these three steps.

This is a wonderful time of year to have what you want, just don’t forget to share that joy with others. See, if you can’t keep it with you all year-round.

Good luck and Namaste.

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