The Universe always has other plans for me (which I LOVE by the way). I didn’t expect to have anything particularly compelling to share before the New Year, but I felt this latest revelation is definitely going to shape my resolutions, so I just had to share.

It’s nothing lengthy, and unlikely you haven’t heard it before – but if you’re like me, perhaps you’ve forgotten: there’s no such thing as “unrealistic.”

At some point in time, the very things we take for granted were once deemed unrealistic. Planes, trains and automobiles. Steamboats, canals and 3D. Telephones, cell phones, radios and TVs. Every one of those things was crazy, cuckoo and impossible to achieve once upon a time.

Yet, here we are…taking it all for granted. With this in mind, suddenly there is no such thing as impossible, unrealistic or unattainable.

So in 2011, I’m striving for the unrealistic – the farther out the better. I’m looking at all the places in my life where I have rejected options and opportunities for fear of their unreliability, surrealism or the impression from others that it wasn’t worth my time. Instead, I say – why not? Who’s to say I’m not the next Alexander Bell, Henry Ford, Raquel Welch, or even two Wright Brothers rolled into one?

I look forward to seeing what impossible things you achieve in 2011.

Until then, namaste.

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