I didn’t think I would see this day so soon, not like this at least. I admit, I didn’t think it would be hard – but I did have a game plan…and I at least expected there would be some manner of familiarity between my reality and my plan. But as they say, “Make your plans, then let God have a look so He can get a good laugh.”

I am officially returning to NYC from Norfolk, VA. I anticipated this move – even planned for it a few months ago…except in my plan it takes place a few months from now.

However, my mom has been sick and I wanted to be closer to her. That was it – well, like clockwork my hubby and I both walked into jobs (yes, while we were visiting for Christmas!).

Sidebar: I have decided to work in addition to running the business group in order to subsidize my living, save aggressively and continue on my “plan” without the typical hassles associated with “city living.”

Well, it’s all coming together. When you’re clear and sure and what you want, what you say you want and how you feel about what you want all correspond (*le sigh*) things just fall into place.

Which begs the question: now that I’ve changed my mind about my millionaire status…just how stupefyingly fast are my finances about to change? !_!

If I’m right, my residence isn’t all that’ll be different shortly after the first. ^_^ This is going to be good.

Happy holidays. May you have a blessed, prosperous, safe and empowering New Year See you in 2011, er, Saturday.

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