Happy New Year! I hope as you embark on the festivities coupled with this first day of the new year, 2011, you take this time to consider not just your resolutions, but your way of life.
Each year, I choose one area upon which to focus my energies. It is not simply about new resolutions and actions, but new ways of seeing life and engaging in it.

Last years it was about believing and receiving. The year before I focused on “professionalizing my process.”

This year is all about “new traditions.” How do we create new traditions, invest in legacies and transform our existences?

As I look at this year, I look at how much of what we do is for the moment while how much of our hopes focus on the future. My goal is to aptly wed the two; focusing on now, planning for the future and acting in a way that limits regret and enhances harmony and abundance.

This year, remember that what you believe you shall receive. Believe that you are worthy of joy, peace, abundance, harmony, prosperity and great-givings.

I look forward to sharing my creations with you in this new year, learning of your triumphs and seeing what we can create together.

Until then, namaste.

Posted by the Denim Diva aka Chikita “The Corporate Assassin”
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