I tried being normal once. It was the worst two minutes of my life.
– Anonymous

For those of you who don’t know I have many names I go by. Most of which were given to me by others as the result of something I do, have done, or (ironically) have no aspiration to ever attempt.

Perhaps my two favorite names of late have been Chikita Phoenix and Iscis Malone. Both of these names symbolize women who get it done.

Iscis (the one I was named for) derived from the cartoon heroine, Frosta, a friend of She-Ra. She could create ice from her fingertips. She was a Grade-A good girl, and all-around lovely person. Iscis is her pretend sister. However, there is also the Egyptian goddess Isis; Mother of Life and Death and Super-wife. When her husband was murdered, disassembled and his remains scattered about the earth, Queen Isis collected him piece by piece, put him back together, breathed life into him, then birthed his child. Talk about getting it done!

Chikita, on the other hand…let’s just say she’s “different.” The fiery antithesis to Isis, Chikita is a lethal weapon unto herself. You might remember her from the movie “Belly.” She got called in when no one else could get the job done. When you see how swift and efficient she is you can’t help but ask, “Why didn’t they just call her in the first place?”

Well, that’s me…a roaring phoenix and a snow queen, Fire and Iscis.

In this new year, as I strive for new traditions I embrace the idea that I am a walking paradox. Rather than trying to suppress this understanding and “fit in” I recognize the need to highlight it and stand out.

It’s not the absence of one or the other that brings me balance but the existence of them both. I wonder what seemingly conflicting traits, beliefs and characteristics others have disowned in the hopes of claiming normalcy. I also wonder how long it will take them to realize normalcy is severely overrated.

Good luck in your quests to your heart’s desires. Until next time, namaste.

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