Hello all,
It’s the second week of the new year and we are all desperately clinging to the novelty of our resolutions. If you’re like me, you’ve allotted time each morning and/or evening to see these things through.

If you want this year to be different, you’ll have to resort to old ways of doing things in some cases. For instance, you’re probably thinking about the last time you met your goal or accomplished something. You might be pondering on how to get those results in your life again.

Perhaps you’re thinking abot some old habits you were able to break and what the process was for doing so.

For me, it’s about looking at an old way of thinking – back at a time when (in my humble opinion) I was much more productive with respect to my desired outcomes. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve always been productive (ADHD anyone), but there is something about being productive in an area of your choosing.

Winning a trophy is much more gratifying when you decided it was what you wanted to do rather than the result of being pushed.

Well, this week, this year, and hopefully from now on, my process of moving forward is directly connected to my going back, back to a thought I often grasp but do not hold onto – an idea I have even shared here from time to time: if you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.
I have never been good about talking to strangers – I mean really talking. I might strike a short conversation, but the very process of randomly befriending people who are likely as interested in talking as watching paint dry always seemed silly to me. But because I want some things I’ve never had, I’ve decided to do some things I’ve never done: #1 – allowing myself to not only feel silly, but to revel in the silliness and #2 – to talk to strangers (and revel in how silly I feel).

You see, in every aspect of life there are needs for leveraging. What you know, who you know, what info who you know knows, and how fast you can access all of the above are forms of leverage.

Most of us go through life not knowing the full capacity of our leverage and therefore not using it to the fullest extent of its power, while others don’t have the kind of leverage often think they do. There are those rare few, however, who know how to maneuver and make things happen. They know how to leverage their resources for the benefit of everyone. I am not one of those people…but I want to be. And so (once again) it’s about going back to something old in order to gain something new.

For some, fear is a natural paralysis. Fear in general prompts and pushes me, but a very particular fear leaves me piddling like a six-year old schoolgirl: I hate being laughed at.

Don’t misunderstand me, I can “stand-up” with the best of them, leave a room in stitches and not even be warmed up. My fear comes from not seen as I see myself, not being taken seriously when I’m serious, or being considered awkward and aloof. It’s like nerve gas in my system to hear people snickering under their breaths at my attempts for growth.

But all that is about to change. To have things I’ve never had before I’ll have to do things I’ve never done before. And I’m OK with that making others uncomfortable, or them finding it funny because…at least I’m doing it. I’m out there striking up conversations, building networks, finding contacts, pooling resources and making things happen (for myself AND other people). People laughed at Bill Gates, P-Diddy and Russell Simmons once upon a time, too. No one is laughing now.

See, that is one false perception I can get behind…the smiling tiger. In fact, many people have learned the hard way that laughing at me (once I’ve ad a chance to get over it) will eventually get me moving. It might take a few years, but I find what I need, who I need and I get mobile, I get active, and I get results. People often underestimate my street savvy, they note the book smartsn the big smile and they write me off as gullible or a pushover, but they soon learn that a smiling tiger dwells within – one who (once she’s awakened) can do just about anything and everything that crosses her mind (including tell some folks about themselves if the mood hits).

The key now…don’t let the tiger sleep. There are some things I’ve never had…have to do some things I’ve never done.

Now that you know, don’t be shocked if you when see me on the street…I just might wanna hear more from you than “hi”, I’m building an empire. Don’t laugh, though I plan to….all the way to the bank. 😉

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