Hey again,
It’s that time — when we contemplate our New Year’s Resolutions and wonder what the heck we were thinking. Why is it so dang hard to keep promises to ourselves?

I ask this same thing of myself all the time, but yesterday I actually got an answer. All too often we ask ourselves these grandiose questions, believing we’ll never find the answer…only to learn the answer and think “Impossible! No way it’s that simple.”

Well, yesterday I learned that it is that simple, it’s all about desire. We break our promises to ourselves because we don’t believe we can achieve what our minds (and hearts) have mapped out for us. We believe others deserve the praise and attributes of a great life, but when it’s us we think it’s a fluke.
No matter what your desire, if you walk into it with the slightest doubt you have already turned your back on it and headed in the opposite direction or worse – are still looking right at it even as you push it away.

If you’ll allow me to get all astrological for a moment, I’ll share my point.

Astrology proclaims that each of us is born into a certain space and time on a “chart.” The month, day and even the time of day you’re born determine your precise point on that chart and are called sun, moon, and rising/ascending signs.

The astrological signs are representatives of the four elements – earth, air, water, or fire. There are four elements and twelve signs, with three signs per element. There are also three signs per person (sun, moon and rising/ascending).

Further still, each element has signs that are fixed or mutable – stubborn or flexible (in general).

Your chart suggests that there are specific traits you are born with – that there are things you hold to your core, things you hold in private and things people perceive about you that you may not even be aware of.

Overall, it’s about your energetic make-up, your cosmic relationship to the world around you.

My chart is particularly diverse, with fire, earth and water (I tell people I’m porcelain). But all my signs are fixed. Even my water sign! I was thinking about that (as I am wont to do) it led me to consider some other things, too. For instance, would my life be different if I were mutable? Would I be more likely to keep my resolutions, change my habits more quickly, or garner more (and better) support in making these changes?

Granted, I may have been born with certain traits, but we’re all human. We learn from our experiences, we grow and we modify…even those of us with fixed personalities.

I considered for a moment, what is the most mutable element I know — water!

Water even when confined is always free. Even as it is pressed into a container, its slightest movement works to erode away the restrictive barriers.

Water glides over, flows under, and bends around whatever lies in its path. Water (if contemplative) is a patient, delicate adversary. By the time you are beaten, you are only just learning of the fight.

Learning this (or remembering it), I have decided to be like water as I venture forth on my quest to unlimited wealth. I have decided to glide over and flow under the obstacles in my way. I have decided to bend and twist when needed, calmly (quietly) pressing forward to my destination, getting around the debris often lying in my path.

To be like water is not merely to be quiet and still. Water is also a raging, turbulent force at times that requires us to take cover and steer clear of it, lest we be caught up in its mighty rage (ooo, had a lil Shakespearian shiver there).

I can be both, and this makes me not a paradox, but a flexible being capable of handling the task at hand and “gettin’ ‘er done.”

Looking forward to sharing more about this journey and hopefully creating something with all you other “water workers” out there.

Until next time, stay well. Namaste.

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