Yesterday was a phenomenal day for me. I got to watch my favorite football team (the Pittsburgh Steelers) put a hurting on the NJ Jets. It’s funny because being a NY native most people would expect that I’d be a Jets fan or a Giants fan, but my NY loyalties are limited to basket- and baseball. And even the baseball thing I supposedly got wrong having fallen in love with the Yankees while living around the corner from the old Shea Stadium.

But about those Steelers.

I especially enjoyed the 24-0 lead in the very beginning of the game, but it ended with 24-18.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m always looking for or finding the deeper meanings in life’s little pleasures and basic experiences. That drastic lead and the other team’s inability to overturn the early lead got me thinking about a lot of things. For instance, what about my late leads in life.

Did my late leads, no matter how tenacious and resilient I might be, mean that I was handicapped for the rest of my life? Does it mean that even if I bite back, played hard, plant my feet and get back in the game that my lack of head start earlier on has incapacitated me and rendered me unable to win?

Hell naw!

I clearly recall seeing my Steelers come through a massive lag to take the win. They were behind something fierce, like 23-3. In the second half, they blocked their butts off and kept the other team from scoring. But more importantly, they tired their competitors out and used their weakness (fatigue) against them to score. In the end they won! They came back from a gruesome deficiency and came out victorious.

Does my late start have to be the end? Not at all.

The key, I’m learning, is to stop wondering when I’m going to win. Runners (this includes football runners) often can’t see their finish line. They often have to run with only the sight distance before them to tell them how far they’ve gone and how far they have left. Football players often can’t see what’s coming at them from the sides, their blind sides, and they have to trust their teammates to hold them down and keep them safe.

The question is not, am I going to win nor even when will I win. Instead, the thing to ask is am I on the field? Do I know my position and am I playing it well? Do I understand the Coach’s play? Do I trust my team to keep me safe as I’m running down-field? Am I where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there? Do I believe in myself, my team and my coach (the Ultimate Coach) to know that even with a huge deficit and a late start, I’m still a contender, a champion, a winner?

Do you know that about yourself? Do you know that no matter where you come from, what you’ve done, who you’re parents are or what they’ve done, that you are more than enough, can have more than enough and deserve more than enough? Do you know that no matter when you decide(d) to change your life it’s never to late?

So you believe so you shall receive and achieve. If that’s true, this year hasn’t even begun to get good. And believe me
…it’s good.

Looking forward to hearing your stories of abundance this year, and sharing mine with you. Until next time, Namaste.