My belief is that success depends upon our ability to acquire – to access.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not promoting hyper-consumption. Far from it. But rather, I am pinpointing a specific stratagem for success: the capacity to locate, identify, ascertain and apply certain information and resources.

I learned the hard way that all too often a lack of resources and information…or even the lack of awareness of them…can be detrimental to one’s success and upward mobility.

This past week, I received word from a colleague overseas about a project I’d been trying to propel for over a year. For a while, I’d been drawing attention to the project, trying to get it in the hands of “the right people.”

According to some information my colleague was able to get hold of, and was kind enough to share, my project had already been reviewed by the “right folks” and they had been considering it for sponsorship since LAST January.

A formal request needed to be submitted, but I didn’t know about it,so…I never submitted it.

Who knows, perhaps this time last year I could have (accurately) professed: mission accomplished.

This is merely a reminder that we must remain in touch with what we’re doing. We must stay abreast of all the many directions in which we spread our energy. More importantly, we must understand that everything happens in its divine time.

Yes, my project was ready for review last year. But who’s to say I was ready for what came with it? I’ve grown so much in this last year, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have had a meltdown if I’d achieved my goal back then.

Heck, this time last year I didn’t have a genuine desire, let alone a plan, for acquiring wealth and becoming a millionaire.

Since last January, I have clarified, refined, redefined and reconfigured my beliefs, processes and networks. I have reevaluated what’s possible and reconsidered what’s worthwhile.

A lot has changed since last January, including who I know (like my overseas contact) and what I know (like my project was favorable and ready for the next step).

If you take a moment to reflect, to retrace your steps in this last year, what might you find you’ve already achieved that you haven’t given yourself credit for? Ready? Set. Go back.