Yesterday was my birthday!  I am officially 30 – at an age where I can actually mourn (and celebrate) the end of my twenties.  It’s hard to believe the day is here. Since they say life begins at 3o…and because my life was definitely undergoing some major overhauls…I decided to have an astrological reading done on my birthday.

Now for some of you this may come as an astronomical surprise.  iscis malone – the Christian, the Griot, the xyz, and whatever else you can think of that makes the very thought absurd – got an astrology reading? YES!

I believe that God gave us people who have knowledge of and access to certain information as a way for us to draw nearer to the Source and its Power.  I believe that however you choose to interpret certain information is up to you.  God is my Source above all else and always has the final say in my life – but it helps when I can go to others to gain clarity on those signs and symbols that keep popping up in front of my face.

Anywho, my reading was PHENOMENAL.  Much of it was confirmation for things that had already been revealed in prayer and meditation, BUT a lot more of it was educational, insightful and downright new.  For starters,  I learned that my path right now is choppy because I am still learning how to be a star.

Though I have “mastered” the ability to make others feel welcomed, loved, and equal; it has often come at the expense of my own Light.  All too often I have put a dimmer on my shine so others nearby could glow, too.  Never wanting to be perceived as the Prima Donna, the Queen Bee, or the Diva Supreme I’ve always curtailed my need for attention. I’ve put myself and my needs on the back burner in an effort to sustain “harmony and balance” (rather than truth).

I also learned that my child is likely going to be the beginning of a new era of Light and “fame” for me.  The irony, much of my work that has been stagnant is now being birthed because I want to have certain things available to my child before s/he is born. Once again, another opportunity for me to learn how to shine my Light and be a star!

Guess what – new year, new me!  Consider me the teacher’s pet. I’m soaking up this lesson like nobody’s business.

Much of my life’s work these days is about teaching women to own their inner-queens.  Do you know what they call a queen who reigns over other queens…an empress.

Today, I charge you all to find your inner-king or -queen.  Look at areas in your lives where you may be downplaying your greatness for someone else’s benefit.  Being great doesn’t have to mean being grandiose or gaudy.  You aren’t selfish because you care for yourself. You aren’t greedy because you desire more.  You aren’t needy because you ask for help.  You aren’t superficial because you like nice things.  You aren’t conceited because you have confidence in your ability to achieve. (I’m talking to myself here, too).

You are strong, confident and fearless.  We all have a Power within us, but like with anything, our core has to be strong if we’re to stand up to the pressure that would have us crumble.

I hope you take this time to strengthen your core and prepare to share your gifts with the world.  I know I am.  Ready or not world, here I come!