I’m sitting here in the doctor’s office contemplating what happened to my Zen Face. What’s Zen Face, you ask?

Several years ago, I had this Windows smart phone. The keypad wasn’t what I was used to. I had just finished sending a friend this powerful (though very funny) analogy and wanted to put LOL at the end (so he’d know to laugh). But as I typed in what I was used to, the text came up =_=.

When I looked at it, I couldn’t help but see the image of a Zen Master; someone sitting, eyes closed in Perfect Peace.

From that moment on, whenever I said anything remotely reflective, no matter how serious or funny I decided to add the Zen Face.

It even became a running joke in my circle. Someone would say something deep, and then blurt out at the end of it “Zen Face!” (Yes, my friends and I ARE corny, but we have so much fun!)

It occurred to me this morning that my Zen Face has been out of commission for a while. Between being sick and pregnant, getting divorced, trying to publish, looking for housing and finding a job (because we all need a back-up plan no matter how much we don’t want to use it) there just didn’t seem to be much room for it.

But check out how things work…In the middle of writing this, I received a message from a friend of mine. It read:

“The only revolution possible is through taking the whole responsibility on yourself: I am the cause of my suffering. Hence I can be the cause of my bliss.”

I decided in that moment to take a deep breath and take charge of my bliss. Within moments, I was called in for my sonogram. The technician was less than friendly to say the least…but once again, I took charge of my bliss.

I chatted her up, even as she ignored me. I made her smile and asked her about her job. Helping her relax helped improve my experience. I felt better knowing someone happy was touching my belly. It felt good knowing that she might remember our experience and perhaps help put another mommy-to-be at ease.

Later as I ran to other appointments, I encountered road blocks and inconveniences that irked me to no avail…but I considered – am I the captain of this ship, or what?

So once again, I chose to take charge of my bliss. I chatted up the people in charge and got what I needed. Folks (equally disturbed) got up and walked out, pushing me to the front of the line.

I even got free parking! Seriously…in New York City, no less!

What’s my point? Zen Face!

When things get rough, choose to be the. Master of your bliss, your Zen. Choose to see the positives. Often the best things happen to those who do the best with whatever happens.

No matter what you encounter today, put on your game face – your Zen Face – and make the best of a bad situation…or better still make a good situation great!

I wish you well in all you seek to achieve. Namaste.