We all do it. Take that look in the mirror; glance at pieces of ourselves.

For some of us, it’s that passing moment before leaving the house; those few seconds to check our face for foreign particles or unsightly blemishes.

For others, it’s the longer pause to take in our body, to review the nooks and crannies, the folds and wrinkles, the hills and valleys.

Many of us know parts of our body all to well. We look at them each day, as we comb our hair, brush our teeth or wash our faces. We consider our assembly of parts as we stand before a mirror, studying our outfit – or looking at our bare skin envisioning ourselves in an outfit of choice.

Yes, we all do it. We take in our physical features, study them, memorize them and even contemplate how to change them. Yes, we all do it…with our physical selves, but how often do we turn the Magic Mirror of Life on our Spirit Selves?

Did you know that your Spirit Self requires frequent examining, just like your natural body? Or that It needs proper nourishment and conditioning for optimal operation? Were you aware that there are things in your life that will clue you in to just how healthy your Spirit Self is?

With your natural body when you eat the wrong foods, gain/lose too much weight, or do something to drastically shock your body, there are indicators – small changes – that clue you in. Perhaps your pants are too tight, you’re winded coming up the stairs or you have trouble digesting your food. These are hints from your body that things are not okay.

Well, the same is true of your Spirit Self. When your Spirit Self is not properly cared for, you may find that your choices don’t wield the results you may have hoped for; people may treat you in ways that you feel are unaligned with what you deserve, you may even find yourself sabotaging your own efforts. So what to do?

Just as with your physical body, you can make small adjustments to your daily regimen that enhance your Spirit Self.

By no means am I saying this is easy, but the more often you do it the easier it will become. Change, any kind of change – no matter how beneficial – can be difficult. But the process can be a little simpler when you know why you’re changing.

Start off with what you want to change, then identify why? Why is it so important for you to change a certain habit? Why is it so critical that you interact with people differently? Why do you suddenly care that your Spirit Self is as intact as possible?

My “why” is my unborn child; my legacy. Changing certain beliefs is imperative to me because I may otherwise be inadvertantly teaching my child certain behaviors and beliefs with which I disagree. That’s not to say I’ll unearth all my issues and solve every problem, but at least if I can identify (and modify) the ones I know about I’m off to a better start.

Today, look at your current circumstances, your dreams, your Fruedian slips. Find the areas of your Spirit Self that aren’t all you want them to be. Consider why you want to change them…is it really about you or what you want to be perceived as by others?

Today, change your mind, change your Spirit Self and heal your life.

If all else fails just go to the bathroom cabinet and say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall – help me be the best me of all.” If that works…let me know.