I don’t listen to the radio much these days other than to hear my favorite oldies. But every once in a while I’ll tune in to the pop stations, just to keep up with the latest (though in my opinion far from greatest) hits.

There was a song on recently that I couldn’t help but find entertaining…”Beamer, Benz, or Bentley.”

Now, in the song, Lloyd Banks and Julez Santana proceed to discuss how rich they are. They have so much “Gretzsky” (ice or diamonds) that girls will let them “hit it” (have sex with them). They each have their choice of Beamer, Benz or Bentley (car brands synonymous with money and status) so that makes them important beyond anything we ordinary people can fathom…supposedly.

But it got me to thinking about relationships – relationships with Self and others. When men believe the money in their pockets makes them special…when women solidify this truth by weighing a man’s measure by the money in his pocket…we’re in trouble.

If I had to equate relationships to cars, I wouldn’t want a Beamer, Benz, or Bentley. Let me tell you why.

A Beamer (BMW) is a great car, it’s well made and it holds a great deal of value. People who own BMWs usually do so for years. However, everyone is looking for a Beamer – people who can’t afford them try to get in them because of what they THINK it represents, but they don’t often know enough about them. If you go into a relationship like that it’s bound to fail. You want something people aspire to, but not everyone is trying to acquire – something expressly yours.

Now you may have a better time of that with a Mercedes Benz. The Benz is another luxury vehicle. They ride well, they’re spacious and they’re a little harder to come by.

Unfortunately though, the upkeep on a Benz is as costly as the vehicle itself. This is often true of Benz-style relationships. If you have a Mercedes and you’re not really ready for it then you know what I mean – you may find yourself wondering just what you got into exactly. Again, the thing about a Mercedes….it’s usually AFTER you’re already in it that you start learning all you need to know.

The Bentley…now that’s an entirely different thing altogether. A Bentley is like a creme de le creme vehicle. It isn’t often the vehicle of choice for many because it’s such high maintenance. Keeping it up can cost MORE than the car itself. More to the point, those who own them tend be driven by others. Those with Bentley-esque relationships are likely in them because of what they look like, what they resemble and what they offer.

More often than not, just like the car itself…a Bentley-relationship partner is merely a passenger looking out the window, rather than the driver.

Oh, but there’s still another option. My preference for a high class, high profile, power-couple relationship dynamic. It’s modeled after my all-time favorite vehicle…the Aston Martin. (Woo, I got chills).

Aston Martins are such rare, pristine, delicate vehicles that they only make a few hundred per year. I don’t know if this still holds true, but back in the day Aston Martins were made by hand (that’s why they could only make a few per year).

Before you can even buy an Aston Martin, you need more than just money – you need knowledge…and access. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an Aston Martin dealership? You haven’t!

When you pick up the Aston Martin, you go directly to the manufacturer or the broker…that’s right, the broker who’ll deliver your car.

How many of us would know how to purchase a car that wasn’t sold on a lot, in the newspaper, on craigslist or some other public forum? How many of us would know whom to call, where to go, or what to ask about? That’s because most of us aren’t familiar with Aston Martins…nor are we familiar with Aston Martin-type relationships.

Aston Martin relationships require time, dedication and research BEFORE you even get the keys. Before you commit, you do your research. Oh, but it’s not just any car research…once you know all you need to know about the car, then there are specific questions about where to find it.

In other words, before you hop into a relationship with your potential new partner you already know “this beauty is like no other,” now let me see what’s under the hood. Let me call and get some info on her specs…and let me see who I know (a trusted resource) who can give me a personal reference.

See, many of us THINK we want something because of what someone else has said about it. Careful! You might be looking at a knock-off…an Aston shell with a Pento engine! If you know what you’re looking at (and looking for) then you’ll know when it’s time to trade up, trade out, or just put in some work.

Beamer, Benz, or Bentley? No thanks, I’m an Aston Martin baby…it takes a special kind to cruise the road with me. The same holds true for you too, don’t you thin? 😉