We’ve all heard the expression winners never quit and quitters never win. We know that the only true failure is not having tried. We’re familiar with the idea that giving up is not an option.

But did you know that quitting isn’t as easy as you might think? Are you aware that quitting, just like effort is a process?

No, I’m not referring to quitting smoking or over-eating or some other bad habit.

I’m referring to quitting on your hopes and dreams. I’m talking about quitting on your passion. What I’m referring to is the kind of quitting when you’ve tried and tried and just don’t think you have it in you to try anymore.

When you give up on something you hold dear, it eats at you. The very idea of what could’ve been if you hadn’t checked out so fast – hadn’t walked away so soon – seeps into your waking (and sleeping) thoughts.

You fantasize about what could have been. Then you sit back and you slap yourself around emotionally for thinking it because everyone knows YOU could never do it. You may even literally conk yourself on the head for being so idiotic.

Then there’s the ultimate moment of defeat when you see your idea, your invention, your talent (or a lesser version thereof), your whatever staring back at you on the television or broadcasting on the radio. (Hey…at least now you no longer have to worry about the “Oprah effect” like you used to.)

There’s always that one idea we can’t help but ask “why didn’t I think of that?!” But it’s a million times worse when you know you DID!

Suddenly, you realize how imperative it is that you try again. You dust yourself off and start over. You consider that maybe you really do have what it takes to make it. If they can do it, surely you can. Right?

And so it begins again…. You start, you hit a snag, you stop, you convince yourself you’re done until something comes along to inspire you (even if it’s by pissing you off) enough to do something about fulfilling your wants.

But how do we stop this process of perpetual quitting and actually get somewhere?

Appreciate the process.

All too often we become so overwhelmed with the outcome, the achievement, the finished product that we find it difficult to see our PROGRESS. We become so vested in the day-to-day activity that we can’t distinguish the forest from the trees. We don’t realize just how far we’ve come or just how close we are to where we were going in the first place.

Sometimes it isn’t a matter of changing WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. Perhaps you need a partner, a peer coach or a mentor. Maybe you need to create an outline, a graph, chart or other organizational tool. It could be that you don’t even know what resources are available at your fingertips (quite literally with smart phones, iPads, e-readers and other wifi devices), so you’ll need to do some exploring and find out.

When you appreciate your process you find you quit less. Rather than giving up completely, you step back and revamp.

Today, take a moment to step back, revamp and start over, but this time…appreciate the process. When you’re tired, worn out and broken down – you’re halfway there. 😉