A very powerful lesson revealed itself this morning in a most uncanny way.

If you read yesterday’s blog then you’re somewhat familiar with this idea of being distracted and pulled away from your plan or purpose. You likely read where I glazed over the concept of positive and negative forces working for and against you, attracting and repelling. Well, I’m going to delve into that a little deeper here.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that my life (right now) is a mirror reflection of things I used to say, jokes I used to make, many years ago…and only stopped making in the months before they came to pass.

“There is life and death in the power of the tongue.” So you think, so you will speak. And what you say has power because you thought enough of it to profess it from your lips. You felt strongly enough about it to proclaim it out of your mouth. It was in you (somewhere) deeply enough that it could make it’s way out.

But here’s the thing about saying stuff: If you don’t know how to do it right you’ll be waiting around a long time for things to change.

You see, some of us are so attuned with our Intuition that we can speak a thing and see it come to pass almost immediately. Fortunately, positive energy travels much faster than its low-pulsing, slow moving counterpart, negativity.

But, if what you say – even in jest – over time tends to be more bad than good, you’ll certainly see the fruits of that after a while. In fact, you might be so attuned to your Intution and your backed-up bad-mouthing, that you can profess the negatives in your life with the same speed and proficiency as someone who can manifest a positive.

But most of us are not so attuned. In fact, most of us are more likely to go through the day unaware of most of our feelings than to tap into certain energies and speak them aloud to create what we we’re very adamantly thinking about.

Instead, we say the thing we want and become so frustrated when it doesn’t show itself that we speak doubt, create distractions and repel the very thing we said we wanted most.

There is a verse in the bible (Hebrews 11:1), that talks about “Now faith.”. The idea of “now faith” means quite literally having faith right now. Faith is the belief in those things hoped for. It means that you have no proof that what you want is on it’s way, but you wait anyway because you believe so deeply.

Well, I would like to add “now patience” to that. Now patience (since I get to define it) is the space of time between faith and manifestation.

Unbeknownst to you, as soon as you spoke the desires of your heart, things began to work in your favor. However, when you harbor negativity, doubt, revenge, lust, deceit, betrayal and other things in your heart as the way of getting those things you put up a road block. Everything you asked for got put on hold, so NOW you have to wait…you have to have patience.

Now Patience is the process of waiting for the seeds you sow to bear fruit. You wouldn’t plant a seed and expect it to germinate over night. You’d give it at least a few weeks to sprout, and that’s with proper nurturing care.

It’s important that when you are sowing spiritual, intangible seeds for your life that you give them the proper nurturing care. When you find yourself in a place of doubt, work on changing your mind. Write down what you really want, then read it aloud.

For years I joked about my husband’s “girlfriend” because the very idea seemed ludicrous to me. I would kid about having to be broke and homeless before publishing my first book because, after all, that’s when J.K. Rowling got her start. I feared and spoke openly about being a single-parent like the women before me…except in my case I thought my husband would have some horrible accident or suffer from some debilitation, brain-damaging illness.

Even as I type this in an attenpt to offer full disclosure, I am committing myself to a little extra time to think, feel, and say something else. I am believing that this will no longer be the case because it never should’ve been in the first place. Because I have faith in the possibility (and probability) that things can and will change for the better, NOW I must have PATIENCE.

What are you waiting patiently for?

Are you truly being patient or are you saying and doing things that are choking the life out of your beautiful seeds?

Take some time to think about what you’re saying and doing and how it might be affecting the life you’re living now. Consider that if you created this (whatever it is) you can create what you want it to be (no matter how minor or major the change).

I wish you all the best as we journey this road together. Namaste. =_=