Wooo – It’s about to go down. So much has been happening in my life. I can barely keep up with myself. I have truly been blessed.

Don’t misunderstand me – by no means has it been easy. BUT – it has been glorious.

As many of you already know, my ultimate aspiration in life is to be a Domestic Goddess. I want to be a mom who works from home, home schools her children by taking them around the world and offering them the kinds of opportunities and experiences that instill knowledge AND wisdom.

These past few months I’ve had the chance to begin sowing the seeds to reap such a reality. And of course, there were some lessons learned in the process (some learned the hard way…because is there any other way at times).

Something that arose just this morning – again – was the concept of being distracted.

I’ve written about distractions before; how to avoid them, overcome them, and learn from them. But for all my writing I never discussed the most important thing of all – how to SEE them!

Most people don’t have the luxury of living a life without hardships and distractions. But more often than not it’s what we do when we encounter them that tends to cause us more complication than not.

So how do you know when you’re being distracted? Simply put: pay attention to where your time and attention are going. When you put your mind to something and then suddenly something pops up (good or bad) that keeps you from it…that’s a distraction.

You see, just as there are attractive forces that work in your favor, there are repulsive forces that work against you.

Sometimes it’s obvious. You decide to invest some money, buy a home or take a trip – then your mom gets sick or basement floods or your car won’t start.

But sometimes distractions are not only less obvious, they’re so exhilarating that we unknowingly welcome them!

For instance, you set your mind to travel, go back to school or start a company – and as soon as you do you meet the love of your life! You’re so happy, so excited, so…elated. It’s everything you want, but now your initial plans are on hold.

It doesn’t mean that your new love interest is a bad thing, but it is a distraction. It’s important that you take the time to determine how (and if) your new relationship can fit into your initial plans. (I’m not going deep right now…but I will later – like Friday).

The key to knowing IF you’re distracted lies in understanding WHEN things are happening.

If you’re close to a breakthrough and suddenly something else has your attention…you’re distracted.

Here’s the best illustration I can think of to explain recognizing your distraction for what it is.

Let me get real old school if you will let’s revisit the days before LCD projectors, when you had the transparency film and the overhead projectors with the light.

Remember how that light would come on and you could see everything perfectly, but when it was off the board would be blank?

I remember a teacher of mine used to use white paper to cover certain answers if she didn’t want us to get too far ahead of her. At other times, if she wanted to give us a hint without giving it all away she’d use opaque transparency films instead.

The opaque films were colored, but you could still see through them, though barely. And that was the point, we would have to strain to see the answer underneath.

That’s what it’s like when you’re distracted. Unlike the white film or paper that totally blocks your vision, there is a small opaque block clouding all the answers that unlock your destiny.

You can see where you want to be, but it’s a little murky behind all the film. (And that’s only if your lights are on).

The next step is overcoming your obstacle. Once your light is on and you can see the answer – no matter how murky and unclear, the next step is to remove the film.

This is by no means an easy process. what my teacher used to do to get us in the habit of critical thinking and examination, she would put an equation on the screen then cover up the process. As we thought through the logical next steps (typically using something we had learned prior) she would move the film further and further down – until eventually the entire blockade was gone.

Your distraction is merely a test. How badly do you want what you say you want? How hard are you willing to work for it? Just what have you learned so far and how prepared are you to receive (and sustain) what you’ve asked for?

Use your prior knowledge. Look at your circumstances, what’s working and what’s not? Take this into consideration as you move forward. As you continue to stay the course, bits and pieces of the colored film will crumble up and waste away.

And when you have pressed on as far as you can go and you feel like there’s nothing left you’re halfway there! I’m joking!

When you’ve given it your best and done all you can; when you’ve applied what you know and challenged yourself to learn some new things in the process, you’ll find things become clearer, actions become easier and the distractions – though still as frequent – don’t have the same stumbling power they once did.

Much like my fifth grade class at the end of the school year, you’ll be able to foretell the outcome of the process, look two and three steps ahead, and input your prior experiences (and those of others) to maneuver in ways that can only come to serve you in your long-term goals for success and achievement.

But the key to this journey begins with the first step – put your lights on! You can’t move squat if you can’t see it!

Speaking of which – I’ve got some moving of my own to do. Stay tuned….