Growing up in the hip hop era of the 1980s and 90s, I heard this expression more times than I think my brain could process: “Word is bond” or “My word is bond.”

Much like the English spin, “Stand on me” (which I LOVE), it means “I gave my word and you can be sure I plan to deliver on my promise.” As my mother always says, “You have your word when you have nothing else.”

Well, this blog is very, very special to me. It is near and dear to my heart because it’s dedicated to my unborn son.
You see, I believe that when each of us is born we are knitted together with a purpose in a most dark and private place where none but God can reach us. I believe that it is at this time that we are closest to the Source – the highest Ultimate Being and the greatest form of ourselves. I also believe that when we are born, it is a trick of the opposition (some would say devil) that we cannot communicate our purpose, our intentions, and our path. Instead, we come out hollering and hoping that those to whom we’ve been entrusted have remembered their own callings and are connected enough to help us stay connected, too.

Well, while having a conversation with a friend of mine and telling her all this, she offered to “talk with my baby boy” (meditating on his Spirit) to see how he was coming along with his “knitting.” By the afternoon, she had an answer: my son’s energy was “hesitant” about coming into the world.

Now, every day I experience the pressure pains of his very low, very engaged position. Every night, the false labor ensues and I swear by morning we’ll be singing and celebrating his birthday. So why so much hooplah to be hesitant? I got my answer – part of it – by nightfall.

For the last several weeks I’d been following a certain human rights piece about a man sentenced to death for a crime the State of Georgia is uncertain he committed. Last night the story culminated in travesty: the execution of Troy Davis. I will not go into detail here because Troy is not the focus this time, but rather the catalyst for a re-focus.

I found myself wondering, questioning and even getting a little scared. As a woman of African descent living in the United States, I have seen more than enough examples of how the system fails “us” – people of color. Could I really protect my son from such injustices and indecency? How many times would I have to have the “police” talk with him or the “curfew” discussion?

And yes, Obama in the White House is beautiful because my son can see that he really CAN be president of the United States. But if I am to afford him those opportunities, how far removed will he be from “his people?” And I know “all his skinfolk ain’t his kinfolk,” but I’ve never met a black member of the KKK! And I say that because the KKK (or at least their practice) is still alive and well in public offices and other high places where I expect to see my son someday.

With all that, it’s no wonder the baby is “hesitant.” When he comes out here, my son temporarily loses his direct connection to the Source. It becomes Mommy and Daddy’s job to ensure that he reestablishes that connection. We become the navigators on his journey, helping him to negotiate between the physical and the Spirit, and accomplish whatever he was put on this earth to achieve in the most harmonious, gratifying and empowering way.

Well…”Word is bond, Son” you don’t have to hesitate. I can assure you that we are here. Yes, WE. Regardless of where your father and I stand with one another we will always stand beside you. No matter what you need, you will have. We don’t know your calling, your path, your purpose or your destiny, but we are eager to know you – to learn you and learn from you. We can’t wait to see who you are and whom you are meant to be (we look forward to seeing how you’ll tell us, too).

Don’t let this world be a fear factor, son. Know that you are loved beyond all measure and that no matter what, we are dedicated to keeping you connected to the Most High – to the Source.

This is my promise, my vow, my word…my bond to my son.

Who or what are you so committed to that your word is your bond? Think about it, then be about it.

Love to you all, and Namaste.