As many of you already know, several of my posts of the last few months have been exclusively about the revelations and epiphanies I’ve had since becoming a single mom-to-be. A great deal of attention has been paid specifically to my charge of raising a boy into a man.

It occurred to me this morning (after encountering some rather interesting news) that my son is a part of a very unique collaboration; a merger his father and I created years ago called TitoMalone.

As you know I’m iscis malone – hence the malone component – Cubby’s dad, however, is Tito Roski (an alias, which is why I’m free to use it here).

I recall some years ago, Tito explaining to me that his name was not only a moniker, but an acronym: T.I.T.O. (This Is The Omega).

Now, for those of you who follow the bible – or the Greek alphabet – you know that the Omega is last. Spiritually speaking, however, the Omega is the best, the ultimate, the pinnacle of perfection (my ex-husband is a very modest man).

When I learned I was “with-child” I decided I wanted to pass on the principle of TitoMalone; to be built up so it could one day reign in all its glory. But it seemed that everything I did to invest in TM was for naught. And that is when I realized…if This Is The Omega, that is the OPPOSITION.

If there is one thing I have learned about opposition (which I have shared before and will gladly share again), it is that opposition is a distraction.

Just two days ago, I posted about my gripes with the American justice system and my fear for my son’s future safety as a young black man in America. The very thought shook me up and sent me into deep prayer and meditation. I found a point of peace (and shortly after my son reconvened his descent through the birth canal).

Then, only last night, in the same state where Troy Davis – a black man – was executed with reasonable doubt, a white man – Samuel Crowe – convicted of murder (upon his own confession) was granted clemency!

Now, usually, this would be more than enough to slam my sphincters shut and make my son rescind his descent into this world, but I had to remember…if this is the Omega, that is the OPPOSITION.

What I want for my son is the Omega, so it only makes sense that there would be opposition in my path to make me question and doubt. Am I crazy? Can I do this? What makes me so special? How in the world am I supposed to protect him forever? What if God decides to use something tragic for my own good? It’s all there – all the crazy, all the doubt – nicely packed, wrapped, and waiting for you to pick it up.

But you don’t have to (and neither do I); not if you remember a few simple things.
1. What is meant for you is for you. No one and nothing can change that or take it away.

2. Just as there will be forces working in your favor, there will be equal forces working in opposition of you. The key is recognizing the difference; paying attention to the minor details – the small clues – and knowing when to advance and when to pull away.

3. The more keen your perception becomes the faster things will be made known to you. For instance, it’s interesting that the day after I’d prayed, meditated, gotten clarity and my son reconvened his descent into the world that the very antithesis of what I’d prayed for would come to pass.

Now, with respect to that last point, it’s important that you don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that my prayers alone caused the antithetical outcome. Instead, I’m highlighting that my awareness made it known to me that much sooner.

Perhaps if I didn’t believe in my ability to co-create I wouldn’t have heard anything about this for months. But because I have faith in my ability to manifest my desires, the Universe has to put out feelers, tests, and inquiries to see just what I truly think and believe in vs. what I say I think and believe in.

The same is true for all of us. As you begin to pursue your dreams, engage your desires and design your life, take heed of the obstacles in your way. How often do they outright contradict what you say…do they contradict what you feel? How often do they undermine, diminish, and negate the very bases of your arguments?

When you have found that place that makes you think, feel and believe “This is the Omega,” remember that is the opposition.

Good luck and Namaste.