This one is for all the partners out there. Whether you’re half of a partnership in life, love, business, friendship, some combination of them all or none of the above in some way I know nothing about – that isn’t the important part. The structure of your partnership means little, it’s the strength of that partnership that holds weight.

You see we are all co-creators. Every day we walk outside into the world we are agreeing to co-create our existence with the help of the billions of other people in the world. But because our perception of this great big world is so limited, we often only see the effects of our exchanges with a select few at any given time.

Sometimes these exchanges are “random”, the result of our unintentional, subconscious-level thinking. Usually the manifestation of a belief about what we can or cannot achieve.

Don’t know what I mean…the accidents, the incidents, the unexplained events. Those are the outcomes when we’re not thinking about our thinking.

But what about those intentional relationships? What about when we deliberately enter into a co-creational agreement? What happens when we say, “I am willing to entrust you with the responsibility of assisting in the manifestation of aspects of my life and well-being and would like you to entrust me with the same”? What do we do when we are not unintentionally intertwined with others in this world?

Well, when done right – it can be a miraculous experience. See, sometimes we enter into these pacts and when we think we’ve found our rhythm we check out…we flat line. We stop paying attention to the opportunities we are often afforded to grow in and with these relationships.

When co-creation is done right, there is nothing we can’t have. The power to manifest abundance is multiplied, intensified and expedited. Suddenly, when we think about a thing it brings itself to light so fast it can sometimes seem scary. (Am I doing this? Why does this keep happening to me? It must be a coincidence).

It is serendipitous or synchronicity?

We’ve all experienced synchronicity – that moment when something (or someone) you thought about popped up just as or right after you thought about it (or them).

I remember when synchronous circumstances became a regular part of my life. I thought I was losing my mind. It creeped me out. I wasn’t yet ready to accept that I had the power to create things like that in my life. (Now? I’m concerned when it DOESN’T happen).

There’s nothing like getting a $300 breast pump for $80, free meals, or receiving an unexpected check the same day an unexpected bill arrives in the mail. It’s even better when the process becomes so integrated into your being that THESE are your “random” experiences. But synchronicity at its best occurs when you’re not doing it alone.

I remember (before my mommy days) when my girlfriends and I would get together at tea houses around the city and discuss our wants. Each time we met up again, we’d all acquired what we wanted or manifested some goal putting us on the path to acquisition. We thought it was a cute coincidence when we were meeting each month, but when our meetings became weekly we knew there was more to it than that.

Alone we were good, but together we were great. These weren’t just serendipitous coincidences that seemed nice; our combined intentions – each of us intending on behalf of the other – had us manifesting things so quickly sometimes we weren’t even prepared to receive the very things we’d professed to want!

To this day, though my priorities are a little different and my travels are minimal, I still make sure that I share my desires and intentions with like-minded individuals that I can trust to put out positive energies for me.

I can see the effects of these individuals’ prayers, meditations and intentions in my life. I know this is why even in my times of “crisis” I have never gone without. I’ve always managed to have precisely what I need when I needed it for as long as I might need it.

What about you? Who can you trust to deliberately co-create with you – to amplify the power of your intentions? And who can trust you?

This week, seek out the support of a few friends and establish your own personal manifestation circle. Whether they all know one another isn’t important. In fact, they never have to meet or be aware of anyone else’s existence in your circle. The important thing is that you have people on whom you can depend to help you amplify, edify and expedite the process of manifesting abundance in your life!

Good luck and namaste.

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