Every year during the holidays, we sit back and reflect on our lives. We evaluate our trials and triumphs, we assess our strengths and weaknesses, we consider our accomplishments and our shortcomings.

This is especially true around New Year’s Day. Not only will we awake in the midst of a new day, but a new year! There are another 365 days to attempt life and get it all right.

I’m no different. For the 24 hours before the clock gongs another year into our midst, I reflect and project. What have I done? What ould I do differently? What would I love to do again?

And based on my answers, I make a resolution. These have included professionalizing my process, starting new traditions, and making it so.

This year’s resolution is a little different. You see, one thing I have been pretty good at over the years is internalizing my resolution and keep it with me; making the changes to my life more permanent. My commitment to my resolution is steadfast because of my commitment to change. By the time this commitment comes out of my mouth, I’ve already changed my mind and am prepared to see how it will change my life. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the many resolutions I make throughout the year.

Perps I second-guess myself or talk myself out of something I would really prefer not to do. In short, it sounds great and the outcomes might be wonderful, but I haven’t really made up my mind about it.

So, that is why this year’s resolution is to make every week New Year’s Eve! Each week I will commit myself to a new resolution it doesn’t have to be something big, but I will reflect upon what needs to be different and commit myself to seeing the resolution to fruition.

Throughout the year, these resolutions are expected to have profoundly positive affects on my health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression.

What are your resolutions? Share them with me here or on Facebook /iscismalone.

Until then, stay well. Namaste!

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