It’s only January 4th, and I’ve already lapsed on my New Year’s resolution to integrate small changes into my every day. This week’s focus was to write each morning before starting my day. But with all the challenges of being a new mom, trying to balance home, career and love, I slipped up a bit.

However, if there is one thing I know, it’s how to multi-task. My son loves talking with me in the mornings, so what better time to sit and chat than when I’m blogging? I sit and read my thoughts aloud, asking his input which he always so graciously gives (though I haven’t a clue what his young 3-month old language means).

The beautiful thing is that we get to spend some time together while I get my work done. It’s inspirational really, since he’s my motivation for doing better and achieving more.

As these days press on, I am diligently working to maintain my resolution so that by 2013, I might be living the life I desire and deserve. My intent is to spend this year learning the lessons that will help me change my life for the better. He is the reason so many three word phrases have new meaning for me: I love you. Yes, I can. Won’t stop now. And so forth (well, not that last one exactly).  But I know now more than ever that all of these things require action.  By changing my mind about how I perceive each of these things, I’m on the road to changing my life.

Changing your mind will change your life, but mostly because it changes your choices, your actions and your outcomes.
This year, each week I’ll change my mind, change my actions, change my outcomes and by 2013 I’ll be able to see just how much I’ve changed my life.

How will your life change in 2012? Whatever the change, here’s wishing you all the best! Namaste.

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