Some time ago I wrote a blog entitled T.I.T.O. (This is the opposition). I talked about distractions and how they can keep us distracted from our purpose.

It happens, we all face adversity. The questions is will you see your hardships as a crisis or an opportunity? Be careful how you answer. You will go in the direction of your vision so be careful where you place your focus.

I can’t stress this enough – your hardships are your chance to overcome. The things you’re going through can strengthen you if you allow them to. The chaos of your life can create joy if you let it. The mess you waddle through can be the very things you need to learn what you need to learn about staying clean. But do you see it?

Take me for instance. My life is “in chaos,” “shambles,” “turmoil” – whatever! I’m living in someone else’s home, on the verge of divorce, unemployed, with an overdrawn bank account, and a new baby.

By someone else’s standards I’m a mess. But I’m rejoicing! You know why? Because despite what I DON’T have, I know what I DO have. I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back. My baby is fed, he has a beautiful cherry oak crib to sleep in, he has food and more clothes than I can fit into his borrowed dresser. I have a car that runs. It might need new tires, but it has gas and it’s in great condition because of all the free work my friends and family have done on it over the last year.

But that’s not all I have. I have perseverance, ambition and tenacity. I have faith and I have favor. Regardless of what I don’t have, I remember what I do have.

I have multi-million dollar contracts in negotiation. I have books in the works being prepped for publication. I have movie scripts being pitched to agents, producers and major studios. I have seminars and workshops scheduled for the next several months.

Now, I’m not saying this to boast – I’m making a point. At any time it can all be taken from you…my life is evident of that. But I say this to say that your perspective is key.

If I saw my circumstance as a crisis I would drown. I wouldn’t get up in the morning. I would be overwhelmed by all the lack. But no, instead I’m looking at my life and I’m saying “I know this is not the permanence of my condition.”

And how do I know this? Because I’ve been through this before, and I’m not ashamed to say so. I’ve been without a place to stay. I’ve been in my own home without heat or electricity. I’ve been without food in my fridge. I’ve had a job and not had enough left to get to class. I’ve hopped in strangers’ cars to get to school and work. At the time I so strongly believed that this was temporary, that I had a purpose to fulfill that would keep me safe.

I am NOT recommending doing what I did. But I am suggesting that you take a similar perspective. Wherever the lack is in your life, shut it down. It is not a crisis, it is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to clarify, rectify and overcome.

I realize that I have been going in cycles – I do well, and then I don’t. But I see now that this is all preparation. I had to be pushed out of my comfort zone so I could begin to move with the flow of my purpose. But if I’ve learned anything from all that pushing, it’s that I have to keep pushing myself. I can’t get comfortable in the good times.

We have to remain appreciative of what we have without becoming complacent to it. We have to stay focused and geared up. I know what I don’t have, but I’m sure what’s coming. I know what I have and I’m grateful for how it’ll be multiplied when I’m in full flow with my purpose.

Keep this is mind. 2012 is a year of revelation, productivity, and fruition. Take inventory, then take heed because *Kevin Hart voice* it’s about to go down!

Good luck and Namaste!

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