We exist in a duplicitous world. There exist within it things we can see and things we cannot. The things we can see exist in the natural or physical part of the world. The things we can’t see exist in the supernatural or spiritual part of our world. Though these things exist in different places, they are not separate from one another. In fact, they are so interconnected that to live your life devoid of one or the other is bound to find you a beaten down, broken shell of yourself.

You see, what you manifest in the natural is always a direct reflection of what you possess in the supernatural. Your thoughts, ideals, beliefs, and values propel the energy that transforms the supernatural into the natural.

If you take inventory of your life and look at the things that are lacking, you will find that there is something in your spirit, in your supernatural inventory, that is missing or underdeveloped. The same is true for the areas of abundance in the natural. What we can see going right in your life is the result of what you have strengthened and fed in your spirit.
While these things are called the natural and the supernatural, there is a state – that when we live in it, we are able to quickly assess, resolve, repair, or replicate the things of the spirit. This is called the supra-natural state.

Supra is a prefix that describes when something exists above its normal state. It is akin to the term super, which means beyond or outside of, but these are not the same things.

Think of supranaturality instead as a bridge between the natural and the supernatural. Think of it as a space in which you operate above your normal, natural state and so as a result can see things more clearly. You are high enough to have perspective of things happening in the natural, and at the same time are just below the things of the supernatural so you can see those things, too!

Because of this unique perspective you can clearly see the missing links between the things of the natural and the things in the spiritual. You can determine when things need to be changed in order to make a better connection or when certain ties need to be severed all together.

This year, I have resolved to become a supranatural being. I have taken inventory of my life and I have noticed something remarkable: I am truly a comeback kid.

I always manage to bounce back from a fall just before I hit rock-bottom. I know people who have been in my situations with FAR worse outcomes. I know people who have expressed sincere concern and confusion for my life’s cycle of ups and downs.

For a long time I saw these things as the ebbs and flows of life – nothing special. But in hindsight, I see that something special has indeed been taking place. My issue: I don’t know how to make it happen at will.

After every pitfall, every hardship, every shortcoming and abrupt stop I always come back. I’ve always managed to stay clothed, fed, and housed. I’ve always managed to keep possession of the things I had when times were better. In other words, things don’t get so bad that I can’t make ends meet.

And yet, I will CLEARLY be in a state of lack, an obvious decline from my previous state. And while I always manage to climb out of the hole, pull myself up and get back in the game…I can’t quite tell you how.

Hence, the challenge. This year, by my birthday I plan to close my first multimillion dollar deal. I have several in negotiations, but some have been on the table for years.

My intent is to learn how to purposefully activate, strengthen and move things in the spiritual so that they might be deliberately manifested in the natural.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can call forth $20 when I need it, or a parking space, or even a small room to live in while I get back on my feet. You’ve probably laughed with me about how things turned around for the better at a job; someone miraculously got promoted, transferred or found a new calling. You might have even been there when a slew of checks came in the mail just in time to pay some bills and keep something from being shut off, shut down or permanently closed out.

Yes, my faith and fervor can make a thing or two happen when needed. But my desire is NOT to need it. My desire is to have more than enough, to live in a space of wealth and abundance. I want to be blessed so I can be a blessing. I want to be the lender not the borrower. It’s quite difficult to really help someone when you need help yourself. Sure, I might be able to recommend a program, offer some research assistance or maybe even give my time…but how much better would it be to give shelter to the friend suddenly out on the street, to give money to the Sister needing to pay bills, to lend my car to the brother needing it for interviews knowing I still have another and I can afford it if there’s any issues? How wonderful would that be?

And to do this, we must be supranatural. We must exist high enough above the natural that we can see both the physical and the spiritual.

I hope some of you will be brave enough to venture on this journey with me to supranaturality – to a place of deliberate intention where you activate your faith and manifest your blessing; where you live the life you desire and deserve.

Stay tuned for more on this process. Until then, be well. Namaste!

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