There is a saying that goes, “It is easier to acquire than to maintain.”

But as I’m looking around at my life and the lives of so many others, I can’t help but wonder…if it’s so easy, why aren’t more of us doing it? Why aren’t more of us acquiring the kinds of relationships we want? The jobs we want? The wealth we want? The respect we want? If it’s so easy, why is it so hard?

Well, for starters you have to be careful how you interpret that statement. It didn’t say it was easy…it said easiER. In other words, acquiring is easier than maintaining, but acquiring is pretty rough and tumble, too.

For instance, when you set your mind to acquiring something important to you it seems like the Universe will test you. It will throw a wrench in your plans just to see if you meant what you said; if you’re as committed as you claim to be.

Take me for example. I spent the last few weeks pondering over my career path. I’ve excelled in areas that I’ve liked, but haven’t been passionate about. Meanwhile, my passions have fallen to the wayside because of thoughts and beliefs about the frivolity and instability of the creative arts industries.

But, last week, after some serious introspection and mental overhauls I committed myself to following my heart. I accepted that I am not a counselor who writes, but a writer who counsels. I’ve dedicated myself to pursuing my craft wholeheartedly (for a change). And wouldn’t you know, the day after I make my stand, I get an email: Requests for Proposals for an array of counseling programs. More specifically these programs included social emotional literacy and diversity appreciation workshops – my areas of expertise.

On the one hand, I could look at this as a sign, an opportunity to make money doing something I’m good at. But I have to wonder why after YEARS of submitting proposals to this agency and having them rejected, ignored or even criticized, I would be ASKED to submit a proposal just 24 hours after taking my stand against this kind of work.

Yes, acquisition may be easier than maintaining, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you’re going to acquire what you desire, You’ll need to be able to see things for what they are. You have to recognize the challenge and be able to call it out by name. You have to know what you’re up against and create a plan of action. Take note of what changes when you state your case and stake your claim.

It may not always be opposition that gets in your way. Nothing will happen to steer you off-course, but you will have a moment when you have to prove you’re ready.

I know a woman who got into a heated conversation about her desire to counsel. She professed that she knew she was meant to do it. She didn’t know when, but she was taking the steps to prepare herself. Her colleagues thought it a waste of her time and talents, but she stressed just how certain she was. Within 10 minutes of leaving them, she encountered a crisis that required her to counsel.

Again I tell you, when you set out to acquire what you desire the Universe will test you. When you stand firm in your beliefs and remain true to your word you will stop being tested and start being treated. Suddenly doors open, windows open, toxic people harmoniously exit your life while positive, uplifting, supportive people are drawn to you in droves. Yes, when you stand in your truth without wavering, you can acquire what you desire.

As for maintaining it…stay tuned.

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