Recently, I encountered a situation that had me pondering what action I should take. I had come across something that belonged to someone (I thought) I’d ejected from my life.

Because one of my New Year’s resolutions is to ensure harmony, balance and (here’s the kicker) restoration whenever possible, I had to make a choice. Would I re-invite this person on my life even temporarily to restore something personal of theirs or would I just discard it since no one knew I had it anyway?

Well, another resolution (more like a creed) is to continue being a woman of integrity. There have been plenty of opportunities for me to get what I want (and keep what I don’t at a distance) by doing something a little shady; by saying one thing and doing another…and all without anyone ever knowing. But whenever these opportunities arise I have to ask myself something…is this a threat or a pest? What’s the difference, you ask? Ah, this is where being SUPRAnatural comes in handy.

A threat is a genuine crisis. (And again, we know a crisis only remains a crisis if you refuse to see the opportunity in it. For more on that, read C.O.O.U.P.) Ladies, you’ll understand this one. If your man loses his mind, steps out with another woman, particularly a younger model, you might perceive her as a threat. She’s younger, she has more potential, she has more time. She’s still young and green and vibrant. She can offer him something I can’t.

In my Liz Lemon voice I tell you, Shut it down! Why, because adults don’t compete with children. She’s GREEN! That’s why he’s with her. She’s not a threat. You’re a grown-up. You’re tried and true. You’re probably burnt out because of him. No offense brothers, I know it’s not always you…but some of you are problem-children and you know who you are.

The truth is so long as you keep living in your truth she’ll never be a threat. The foundation you’ve been laying since she was 12 will continue to be built upon; you will continue to build, acquire and sustain. Furthermore, that dude is likely to have the same issues that he had while he was with you. That new thing is going to crash and burn.

So no, she’s not a threat, she’s a pest! She is a situation that you ALLOW to be a priority. There isn’t even a need to look for the opportunity because to look at the situation at all is pointless. That’s the difference between a threat and a pest.

A threat has the potential to become a crisis. And although a crisis can be overcome, it isn’t always easy because crises are not isolated; they don’t just include you or affect you. That’s why we have to be careful not to treat our pests like a threat.

Pests are the people and things that we make bigger than they are. We give them power by feeding them with our anxious energy. Brothers, this one is for you.

Does your lady have that guy friend who seems a little too chummy? He’s always got something to say? He’s been around longer than you so your lady has a hard time letting him go completely, but she has made some provisions to make you more comfortable. But this dude takes that as an opportunity to tell your lady how insecure you must be – how threatened you must feel by their friendship. This dude is a pest!

He feeds off your anxious energy. Anything that gives him the impression that you might be thinking about him fuels his ego and makes him bigger in your life than he should be. I’m telling you, don’t give that dude the time of day. Just keep loving on your lady and taking care of her and the pest will disappear on his own. He won’t have anything to feed on, and he’ll soon go running elsewhere looking for something to feed on.

Yes, it occurred to me that this person and everything associated with our circumstance were indeed pestilence. I was making them bigger than they needed to be. They weren’t threatening anything, but I had acted in the past like they were. By hesitating about whether or not to make contact, I was still assigning this individual unwarranted power.

It was over! I knew this and I needed to act like it.

All too often, we allow the things that hold no weight in our lives to weigh us down. We give power to things that aren’t even worth our thoughts let alone our energy.

Remember, what you encounter, attain and achieve in the natural is a direct reflection of what you believe, nurture and possess in the Spirit. If you believe that something is a threat, if you operate from F.E.A.R. and you make decisions based on this your Spirit will weaken and will falter in times of crisis. What we resist in life we grow stronger against, but what we succumb to we become weaker against.

That is why when you hold fast to your faith, when you believe you will succeed no matter what, when you see nothing and no one as a threat, when you stay grounded in Love and stay focused on the positives you will find that your Spirit strengthens. You become stronger and wiser; you’re able to withstand adversity and you will overcome.

Remember, threats, pests, crises, opportunities – it’s all about your perspective. So what do you see?

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