Yes, I know the title is a play on words, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to get your attention so I could share this with you: Your arms are too short to box with God.

Perhaps you’ve heard that expression before, but do you know what it means? No matter how great an idea is, how intelligent, fantastic or creative – it is still small potatoes to the Creator.

Granted, if we tune into our Selves we can channel some awe-inspiring, God blessed innovations that make Him proud. Unfortunately, not many of us do so. And furthermore, the ones who do often get sidetracked by the people who don’t.

If you have a big idea, a big dream, a big purpose don’t sidestep it because you think it’s foolish in God’s sight. Chances are the crazier the idea, the more likely He’ll co-sign. But more importantly than side stepping, don’t get sidetracked.

More often than not, we allow other people to get in the way of our fruition, our productivity. We allow their thoughts, opinions, perceptions and behaviors to dictate how far we’ll go and how smooth (or bumpy) the road will be along the journey.

You have to shut those relationships down, cut those people off and keep it moving. I don’t care if it’s a relative, people who block your blessings have got to go.

I was having a conversation the other day and it took an interesting turn. I noted that the person seemed a little on edge. Suddenly, everything I said was a direct attack. Before long, we were arguing about trivial things that had nothing to do with anything.

It occurred to me, I was shooting over their head. See, when we talk to children we often don’t expect them to comprehend certain things. It’s why we dilute our vocabulary and try to make our explanations as succinct as possible.

With adults, however, we expect to be able to have great conversations. We consider that we may still have to pay attention to certain wording depending on our audience, but the concept is expected to be understood. when it isn’t we’re more shocked than a little bit.

When a precocious little kid understands what you’re talking about, you’re often impressed – though maybe a little annoyed because your code isn’t going to fly on this one. But when an adult doesn’t understand basic concepts and principles…you just get pissed.

You find yourself lashing out and taking extreme measures to get them to understand. DON’T!

Stop right there! It is not your responsibility to bring everyone up to speed. Be careful that you aren’t selling yourself short by surrounding yourself with nay-sayers, small thinkers and immature adults. Take inventory of your stable. Who are the people you can call on for advice and who are the people who can’t even hear how ludicrous they sound when they speak?

T.D. Jakes spoke about this recently as did Pastor A.R. Bernard. Bishop Jakes said it this way, “when you’re boxing with a grown-up, you’re boxing way up top where they’re SUPPOSED to be. But when you look carefully, you find that this person’s thought process is so small they’re scrapping with your ankles.” Well, my take on that is – walk away before your legs get all jacked up.

Pastor Bernard spoke on this issue to, but from another angle. He said, ” we have to be careful whom we let into our lives. The closer we are to someone the more vulnerable we are and vice versa. Sometimes we let people in who have no business being there and they mess everything up. They hurt us, shame us…they beat us down. They aren’t full enough in themselves to be able to pour into anyone else.”

Yep, there’s no better advice that I can give than to run from the little people; the small thinkers and wanna-doers. These are the people who have it all figured out, yet nothing ever goes the way they’d planned or works out as it should. Per their review, the world is full of idiots who “just don’t get it” but somehow they fail to see the idiocy in the comedy of errors that is their life.

If you want to thrive you have to keep dreaming. Keep thinking big and doing big things. Have faith in yourself and your ability. Link yourself to like-minded people of action. Remember that adversity and hardships are part of your strengthening and purification process. When you’re done you will be better for the wear; able to withstands the tests of time and keep coming out on top.

Be confident. Be secure. Be selective. Be great. Be BIG!

Good luck and Namaste.

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