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If you have been with me for a while then you already know I’m prone to quote songs lyrics and titles.  There is something about music that gets under my skin and into my heart.  Seriously, well-written lyrics can change your mood. You start crying over that lost love that you swore you were over.  You get excited about the prospect of overcoming, having the life you want and putting life’s troubles behind you.

Yes, music is a beautiful thing. This particular song came to mind as my friends and I were discussing kindness. The gist of the conversation went something like this, “Be kind to others because everyone is fighting a battle – sometimes for their lives.”

That last part had been thrown in there because each of us knew someone who had either been diagnosed with a terminal/chronic illness or had attempted to take his/her life (though none succeeded). In every situation, these folks had been confronted with the responsibility of checking their toxic thought-lives. Unfortunately, for every one of them, it was an uphill battle that seemed to be insurmountable alone.

And it got me to thinking.  In our quests to have it all and achieve life’s best, we know we are going to have to jump some hurdles.  Things get in our way and we have to be resilient.  But how often do we consider the battles of others? How often do we commit to helping others on their journey to achieving life’s best? How many of us believe that our lives are more fulfilling when we have poured into the lives of others?

What if you were the only person who could make someone else happy? What if yours was the only embrace they received, the only smile they saw? What if your kinds words were the only ones they heard? If you were the only one who could make another happy, would you be successful at spreading the love or have you kept all that joy to yourself?  Do you avoid eye contact with others? Do you take it personally when someone snubs you or doesn’t speak? Are you constantly worried about how you’re being treated? Is everything filtered through a lens of self? Or do you consider the lives of others; considering their trials and doing your part to make life a little better for them?

I hope this week you’ll remember that everyone is fighting a battle; sometimes it’s a battle for their lives.  So be kind. When you give freely of your time, talent, energy, love and kindness it always comes back to you bigger and better than when it left.

Good luck and Namaste!