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And we’re back.  After several weeks of technical difficulties, we’re back.  I am pumped, revved, excited and uber-thrilled to share some things with you about these last few weeks; beginning with my latest epiphany: “Life is just so daily!”

That’s the quote I read every morning as I journal. Life is just so daily. My journal, like most, is a space for my private, inner-most thoughts.  I write down my hopes, dreams, fears, triumphs, trials, and expectations.  In there I can expel things from my mind that I’m not yet ready to share with the world.  And that’s just the one journal! Each journal serves the same purpose, but for very specific areas of my life.  I have my prayer journal; my career/professional goals journal, my family/friends/relationship journal; my dream journal; and my daily rambles.

Perhaps by some subconscious, prophetic-type pull the journal that heralds the phrase, “Life is just so daily” is full of all my hopes, dreams and aspirations.  It’s my career/professional journal.  What I scribe in this book is not about my day at work, but what I want to be when I grow up…what I’ve always wanted to be deep down inside.  This book is all about my ultimate goals in life, my passion projects and how I plan to complete them.  

As I was flipping through the book the other day, I thought about something…life really is daily.  There is always something.  No matter how much work you do, no matter how much support you have, no matter how many pennies you put aside for a rainy day – something is always lurking around the bend to keep you distracted and distanced from what you want most.  Sometimes it’s bills, money circumstances. Other times it’s people. And sometimes – most of the time – it’s us.

How can you do what you love, what you are purposed for, what you were born for if life gets in the way every day? Every day you have the opportunity to wake up and start over, but will you use your second chances wisely? Are you getting enough rest to get up in the morning? Are you planning your day ahead of time or going with the flow? Are you using your time as efficiently as you possible can? Are you stuck in a rut that isn’t working for you, but refusing to change?

No matter what you do you can’t stop life from happening.  You can’t keep the trials and tribulations from coming.  You can’t stop the engine from going out the moment you lose your job, or postpone the roof’s leaking at the same time that Johnny breaks his arm during football practice.

No, life is going to happen regardless. It’s an every day occurrence with which we’ll have to live for as long as we live.  Life isn’t the problem, our perspectives about life are.

Are you the kind of person who thinks life is a fruit basket, full of sour lemons and cherry pits? Or do you see the makings of a decent lemonade? Do you have enough perception to see the cherries’ sweetness, eat their meat and toss the non-nourishing remains?

When we consider that life is going to happen; All the ups and downs, trials errors, successes and triumphs – when we consider that no matter what we are going to encounter some mess, then we can get to the part where we start cleaning. Where we start making moves and stop making moves. Where we stop takings breaks and take risks. 

To quote the late great Dr. Suess, “You’re off to great places. You’re off and away. …You’re mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” Let’s get to it. After all, life is just so daily.

Good luck and Namaste!