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In light of recent events I, like so many others, am compelled to discuss an issue that has touched so many us and racked us to our very cores: the killing of Trayvon Martin.

As I have mentioned here on several occasions my fears around raising a young Black man in Amerikkka (Word is Bond Son, T.I.T.O. ).  I spell it this way intentionally to highlight the remnants of institutionalized discrimination and injustice that still plague so many people of color.

My heart cries out for the Martin family. As a mother, particularly the mother of a young Black man, I feel for them. My skin crawls, my body cringes and my soul aches.  How many other mothers have lost their sons in cold blood because some ignorant soul’s misguided notions and misplaced fears have led him to seek some twisted form of vengeance, spilling innocent blood for the transgressions of HIS ancestors!

I can’t with these people. But more importantly, I can’t with my people!

How many rallies, riots and marches will it take? How many innocent, young Black men will have to leave us too soon before we get angry enough to incite a change? How many little black boys have to be tallied for jail cells before we admit these are not isolated incidents – they are the intention? How many more mothers will have to cry as the little boys they birthed into this world are taken from them before they can become men?

Many years ago I asked activist Elaine Brown if she thought my generation had what it takes to spark a revolution.  Her answer to me was, “The revolution will not be televised.” While I understand what she meant I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

You see, the revolution CANNOT be televised because it will occur in the hearts and the minds of the people.  Before we can change our communities, our country or our world we have to change our minds.  Revolution is change.  We must revolutionize our minds.  We have to look at these issues differently.  Our drive to press forward and make change cannot stop or travesties like what happened to Trayvon Martin won’t stop.

As the mother of a young Black man, it doesn’t stop for me.  As sister to two young Black men, it doesn’t stop for me.  As a lover to a Black man, it doesn’t stop for me.  As a Black woman, it doesn’t stop for me. The revolution will not be televised, but what happens after the revolution – after we’ve changed our minds – will be all over the TV, twitter, Facebook and the Internet.

No, the revolution may not be televised but the result of the revolution will be. This is the world in which I wish to live – a do the post-revolutionary earth.  This is why is why I do the work that I do.  This is why I have chosen to work with the poor, the destitute, the depressed and oppressed.  This is why I am willing to sacrifice fame and fortune.  Because until my son can walk down a street with an iced tea and a bag of skittles wearing whatever he should choose without his skin making him a target nothing I can acquire is enough. Let me be clear: money will not buy your safety; if anything it will make the plot for your fall come that much sooner.

My people, I love you. For this reason, I will never give up on you and all I know you can be and achieve. I am with you.  You are always on my mind.