My life lately consists predominantly of mommy time. “Baby malone” and I spend an exorbitant amount of time watching PBS – to which I will be making a large contribution this year.

One of my son’s favorite shows is a bilingual cartoon called Maya & Miguel. The show is about the prepubescent Santos twins and their crazy escapades. Whenever Maya – the dreamer of the duo – has an idea she screams out “eso es” or that’s it!

Maya’s friends and family know that when they hear that it is in their best interests to run away. Maya’s ideas, while well-intentioned, are ridiculous, outlandish and a bona fide hot mess.

The other night (while watching Maya and Miguel) I heard my cousin say, “But you insist on being stuck on stupid. That’s it! Isn’t it?” Just then Maya blurted out in her traditional enthusiastic style, “Eso es!” It was like she was confirming that it was indeed it.

And I got to thinking. When people around you insist on being stuck on stupid (S.O.S.), take a tip from Maya’s friends and family – run!

Go in the opposite direction and get as far out the way as you can. Stay out of reach and steer clear of danger.

People who are stuck on stupid know better. You can’t tell it by looking at them because they refuse to do better. You listen to them speak and they have all the answers (most of which, ironically, make a great deal of sense), but the moment you ask them why they aren’t doing better the excuses come flooding in. No one told them, no one showed them, there wasn’t enough time, and my favorite “I didn’t think it would be a problem.”

People stuck on stupid are always at least half right, they don’t think!

You want no parts of that, trust me. You are a dreamer and a doer. You are too smart, attractive, resourceful, resilient and determined to put yourself in the company of those stuck on stupid.

You know better than to align with victims, and that’s just what the stuck on stupid are. They are forever sending out the distress call for help. The problem is they already know what to do and refuse to do it. They won’t listen to you, but they keep calling out to you for a rescue.

What’s worse, they’re S.O.S. distress calls are the equivalent of a pro swimmer flailing about in 2 feet of water and standing up to push your head under when you come to drag them out of their ludicrous predicament!

No, you don’t have time for victims – you’re a victor, a conqueror. You don’t just survive you thrive. You stand alone and you excel. You go above and beyond and you get what you want. If you don’t…take note, you will soon.

So, the next time you encounter someone who’s S.O.S. leave his/her butt right in the shallow end of the waters and you cruise by on the speedboat of Life. And don’t be afraid to stand in your truth, “If you wanna be S.O.S. that has nothing to do with me. Eso es.”

Good luck and Namaste!